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„The Last Word“ – Matt Bellamy, MUSE

Which luxury do you afford?
I’ve bought a Telefunken-microphone for 8000 dollar.

What are you afraid of?
Of a population captured by microchips.

Which is the most overestimated virtue?

Is there a recurring nightmare that is linked to your artistic work?
No. But sometimes I dream new songs.

Is there a “great album” you cannot do anything with?
The Beatles: “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

Which historical event would you have liked to attend?
The construction of the pyramids.

With which song does the ultimate mixtape begin?
Wagner’s “Walkürenritt”.

What wasn’t actually that good concerning The Beatles?
The fact that they were manipulated and abused in a sociopsychological experiment by the Travistock-Institut and the Illuminates with the aim to implant a destroying and divising element in big population groups against their will.

Who should absolutely cover one of your songs?
Tom Waits.

At which question do you get angry?
That’s the last interview for today. How do you feel, when you’ve given interviews the whole day?

Which club you should absolutely go to?
In the Club of Rome.

Are you a dancer or a stayer?

Which was your worst performance?
The Hurricane-Festival was miserable. We couldn’t play because of a Hurricane.

Which music do you listen to secretly?
”Gold” from Abba.

Which is your favourite sound?
I love the sound of the sea, the whirring of the waves. But I also like it very much if it rains on the roof window.

What’s the worst nonsense people told about you?
I were a good pianist.

From what do you have absolutely no idea?
Why David Hasselhoff is so popular in Germany.

Which other musician you just can envy?
Normally I do not envy any other musician but there is one exception: I envy Tom Waits that he is cooler and healthier than ever despite his age.

Which question should this questionaire still concern?
Why is there a parallel between Orion’s Belt and the surrounding stars, the constellation of the pyramides and the constellation of Cydonia.

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