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An IRC question/answer session with Thomas Kirk. It took place at 16:30 on the 2nd March 2005, and was announced the previous day.[1]

[17:00] [brewster] what are the lads up to at the moment? [17:00] Tom Kirk: break. well, if you can call it a break writing new music [17:01] [dvdlental] will muse ever do some more smaller gigs in the uk for the hardcore fans soon [17:01] Tom Kirk: me and dom were just speaking about that and he wants to gigs in small clubs under a different band name one day [17:01] [dvdlental] tom is there any chance of muse coming back to glsagow scotland in the near future [17:01] Tom Kirk: only for a luxury holiday [17:02] [brewster] what are the lads up to at the moment? [17:02] Tom Kirk: matt gone to italy, dom in office here, chris at home with kids [17:02] [brewster] any news on the dates yet tom? [17:02] Tom Kirk: should be posting 13 confirmed us dates later today or tomorrow [17:02] [Sticks] any chance for some european summer festival gigs? [17:02] Tom Kirk: probably definitely not [17:03] [youkilledmyscooter] what was your favourite moment of the earls court gigs, and how cool was blackout! ;) [17:03] Tom Kirk: getting through them both intact.. new tracks were good.. so were deadstar and micro cuts.. blackout was fucking ace [17:03] [Aetius] I hope this question hadn't been asked earlier, but why did Matt actually go to Bhutan? [17:03] Tom Kirk: experiences and travel [17:03] [jm] any idea when the new album will be out, later this year? [17:03] Tom Kirk: maybe end of, more likely early next year [17:04] Tom Kirk: Hodges: So Tom, what did you have for lunch? [17:04] Tom Kirk: i had a smoked ham and egg mayo on brown bread. lovely it was too [17:04] [james_bullough] have u heard the new songs?? are they up to the same standard as the wonderfull songs before it?? [17:04] Tom Kirk: they sound great to me. im sure the new album will be great [17:05] [jamie_muse] any chance they'll ever head to the isle of man [17:05] Tom Kirk: we are oiling our bikes as we speak [17:05] [bearhunt] coldplay have recently announced stadium dates for their next uk tour. will muse be looking to do a similiar tour of stadium venues in the future or will we see them again in the already massive arenadomes that featured in the absolution tour? [17:05] Tom Kirk: big gigs we hope. wembley stadium is always a dream [17:06] [bearhunt] what is the strangest experience you've had whilst on tour with muse? [17:06] Tom Kirk: surrounded by 8 crazy icelandic girls after taking too many mushrooms [17:06] [RaymondM] will the absolution singles boxset come out in the uk? [17:06] Tom Kirk: maybe only in france [17:06] [musefreak] was it a special moment for you, when the guys won the Birt Award? [17:06] Tom Kirk: wonderful moment. i was very proud and pleased for them [17:06] [bearhunt] what are muse least likely to do next? [17:06] Tom Kirk: call themselves the darkness [17:07] [ashamedscreenager] after the us tour in april, wil muse take a break or will they tour on? [17:07] Tom Kirk: write the new album [17:07] [habbodini] whats the strangest thing you've ever done? [17:07] Tom Kirk: getting run over and finding it funny [17:07] [james_bullough] have u played with the band at all? [17:07] Tom Kirk: yeah bits and pieces. i kinda featured on TIRO [17:08] [Gemsy] Do you ever get sick of hearing Muse's songs? [17:08] Tom Kirk: luckily no. i would be pissed off if i did [17:08] [Neilyboy] What has been the most positive thing to happen to Muse in the USA? [17:08] Tom Kirk: making it slow and steady and getting the right kinda crowd into them. good new label relationship with warners. lovely tours. funny people [17:10] [dvdlental] why do muse not gain that much publicity even after they iwn all these awards as it really annoys me [17:10] Tom Kirk: its weird isnt it? but then again i think its a good thing to keep slightly under the radar you know? maybe one of them needs to marry a kate moss and stick a needle in their arm first? [17:10] [Mort] How many groupies have you seduced? We know of three. [17:10] Tom Kirk: three [17:10] [bearhunt] wouldn't it be nearly impossible for muse to change their name and play secret gigs with their huge fanbase and spookily up-to-date online community? [17:10] Tom Kirk: maybe we shall put that to the test? [17:10] [habbodini] whats your ambition in life? [17:10] Tom Kirk: to go to the moon [17:11] [Neilyboy] Do Muse get on with the Stereophonics - honestly? [17:11] Tom Kirk: the bassist seems alright. cable was a funny man. [17:11] [Jules] Would you say Muse's musical skill has improved much with the passing of time? [17:11] Tom Kirk: yes. they seem to get better and more able as the years pass [17:11] [dagriggster] what are you listening to right now? [17:11] Tom Kirk: queens of the stoneage new album [17:12] [dvdlental] do u think muse will really take off in america like previous big british bands?? [17:12] Tom Kirk: i hope so.. i think they have a good chance yeah [17:12] [bearhunt] marmite - love or hate it? [17:12] Tom Kirk: love it like a sister [17:13] [james_bullough] what do u think of razorlight as they r touring with u? [17:13] Tom Kirk: i think they are cool. they came and said hello in the nme's and seemed pretty safe. we will do our best to corrupt them as much as poss. their music is really good [17:13] [Neilyboy] Has Matt ordered any new all singing guitars from the Manson shop? [17:13] Tom Kirk: recently got this cracked one... hugh bougt a rusty piece to earls and i think matt is thinking about getting it. [17:13] [dagriggster] do any naked pictures of you exist? [17:13] Tom Kirk: yes [17:14] [colin88] whats your most special moment as muse manager? [17:14] Tom Kirk: theres a lot.. number 1 album was great. theres too many to list [17:14] [jm] Are Muse gonna stay in the US to record the album? [17:14] Tom Kirk: maybe go over for a bit to record yeah [17:15] [dvdlental] have u ever had a big argument about something with matt dom or chris [17:15] Tom Kirk: only when it comes to football with chris. we all get on pretty well [17:15] [dvdlental] which muse song do u like the best and which one do u hate [17:15] Tom Kirk: i like butterflies a lot,. futurism, fury.. hate - dont really like unintended so much any more, even though i know its a good track [17:16] [Gemsy] Would you rather chew and swallow a teacup full of wasps at once, or jump into a pool filled with citric acid with 2000 fresh papercuts and 50 fresh piercings (and swim around for 30 minutes)? [17:16] Tom Kirk: i got stung by 13 wasps once - they actually woke me up doing it.. so i think im kinda used to that by now. dont have any piercings [17:17] [dagriggster] is citizen erased based around the novel 1984 at all do you know? [17:17] Tom Kirk: dont know. good question. matt has read it i think [17:17] [optm] which of the 3 studio albums do you prefer most? [17:17] Tom Kirk: all mean something different to me. like them all [17:17] [bearhunt] how different will the new muse record be from the muse we love and know? [17:17] Tom Kirk: dont know quite yet.. loads of songs will come and go before we can make that judgement [17:18] [colin88] whos your favourite band of all time? [17:18] Tom Kirk: i just cant answer that.. maybe nirvana [17:18] [matt_201uk] the book, "inside the muscle museum" by ben much of it is accurate? [17:18] Tom Kirk: 79 % [17:19] [brewster] What things piss you off about touring [17:19] Tom Kirk: no sunlight. phone bills. liver failure [17:19] [Neilyboy] Girls Aloud, you would wouldn't you? [17:19] Tom Kirk: i would allow them yes [17:19] [bearhunt] ouch! 13 wasps? do you or muse have any strange fears or phobias? [17:19] Tom Kirk: being locked in a room with billy corgan [17:19] [optm] does DES still think he's famous? and lucky him! what a song to be nicknames after him [17:19] Tom Kirk: i tell him he's famous. he's a great guy [17:20] [Jules] Following on from an earlier question, what do the albums mean/signify to you? [17:20] Tom Kirk: a lot. cant put it into words [17:21] [dvdlental] have u ever played a prank on any of the band members or vice versa [17:21] Tom Kirk: theres often nasty things hidden in bunks. doctoring food. filming things i houldn't. matt is the worst for playing pranks. mainly on dom [17:21] [musefreak] The best abnd you've seen live, besides Muse? [17:21] Tom Kirk: rage against the machine by miles [17:22] [brewster] Any funny Dom stories? [17:22] Tom Kirk: yes - Dom [17:22] [RaymondM] Did the band get the Muse Appreciation Scrapook? [17:22] Tom Kirk: yeah i forwarded onto all of them. thanks for that. i think they were really touched by it [17:22] [admin] Are matt and dom actually robots? [17:22] Tom Kirk: not as much as condolisa rice... have you seen the way she walks? [17:23] Tom Kirk: : [17:23] Tom Kirk: i can't recall seeing him ever eat one. but i'm sure he does.. who doesnt? and what is this cupcake nonsense? [17:23] [jm] why isn't dom participating in chat if he's in the office with you, or do you do all their dirty work now? [17:23] Tom Kirk: he's trying to fix my computer [17:23] [admin] its a messageboard thing :p [17:24] [dvdlental] which of matts mansons do u prefer [17:24] Tom Kirk: black one [17:24] [RaymondM] is it really hard to understand what matt trys to see when he speaks at a million miles per hour? [17:24] Tom Kirk: he's always done that. you get used to it after a while. it is funny though. thinks faster than he talks [17:24] [admin] could you invite dom over so we can harrasss him with some q's too :p [17:24] [dvdlental] have muse ever came on the sites and checked out some covers by the fans.If so what do they think [17:24] Tom Kirk: probably. dont know havent asked them. [17:25] [brewster] favourite place you've visited [17:25] Tom Kirk: has got to be japan. its a crazy place. lovely food. sweet people. amazing size cities. feels like another world down there [17:26] [admin] could you invite dom over so we can harrasss him with some q's too :p [17:26] Tom Kirk: trying. he's shy and doing my IT support [17:26] [dvdlental] will there be more footage released from earls and if so when [17:26] Tom Kirk: wait for DVD is my advice. maybe though. US stuff will be coming soon enough [17:26] [brewster] where do you see yourself in ten years time? [17:26] Tom Kirk: sat here with grey hair [17:27] [Invixus] As with the release of Origin, being so long after the release of Showbiz... Are Muse planning to release any singles substantially before the release of their next album as was done with Origin? [17:28] [dvdlental] whats the most embarassing thing thats ever happened to u or muse when playing live [17:28] Tom Kirk: i told this camera guy filming for hullabaloo to get on this guys shoulders in the crowd to get some good shots, and he had his teeth knocked out by the camera and had to go to hospital. all on tape. must get it on a dvd one day [17:28] [jm] Worst gig Muse have done? [17:28] Tom Kirk: arent too many of those... what a negative question [17:29] [RaymondM] how pissed was dom at the nme awards? [17:29] Tom Kirk: jesus.. by the end as far as he goes i think [17:29] [Invixus] Did the band eventually read the Muse Appreciation Scrapbook? [17:29] [MArtianmuesli] Are you or any other member of the band secretly a member of any fanwebsite? [17:29] Tom Kirk: dont know? [17:29] [Invixus] As with the release of Origin, being so long after the release of Showbiz... Are Muse planning to release any singles substantially before the release of their next album as was done with Origin? [17:29] Tom Kirk: probably not im afraid no [17:30] [youkilledmyscooter] will any of muse be doing any work on solo projects or colaborations over this kind of 'breaky' period? [17:30] Tom Kirk: theres nothing lined up or being talked about no. still waiting for Tina Turner to come in with the offer [17:30] [bearhunt] will 'DES' and 'a crying shame' be released in the future? [17:30] Tom Kirk: if they stand the test of time i guess we can expect them on the next album [17:30] [dvdlental] if muse where to go undercover with another name what would it be?? [17:30] Tom Kirk: esum? [17:31] [james_bullough] are there any tracks that didn't make the albums or b-sides? can u release them? [17:31] Tom Kirk: cant release them no. theres always tracks that dont make it. maybe one day the boys will release them. not in the near future though [17:32] [Neilyboy] The light shows have been superb in the live gigs, are there any plans to do a U2 and get a sodding great Video screen? [17:32] Tom Kirk: cool thanks. those screens are fucking expensive, i think the more the band can the more they will do.. id be happy with a fuck off big screen as i do the visuals and it would be a big ego trip for me [17:32] Tom Kirk: i saw beach boys.. was that you? sent that to chris.. made me laugh [17:32] Tom Kirk: matt_201uk: hey tom, how r u 2day? i have made some parody movies for muse, rearranging there videos to make it seem like they are singing another song (The Timewarp, I get around, Born to be wild). i have been told they have been emailed to u. have u seen them? wat was your opinion on them, did they entertain you, have the band seen them? [17:33] Tom Kirk: that was the previous answer to that [17:33] [dvdlental] what do u think was muses best performance of the previous year [17:33] Tom Kirk: glastonbury and earls courts were great [17:33] [Aetius] Is it true that Matt can recite the alphabet backwards in just 2.6 secs [17:33] Tom Kirk: haha. [17:34] [admin] How many more albums can we expect to milk muse for? [17:34] [brewster] are they still planning to do a musical [17:34] Tom Kirk: the dance moves are taking some time for us to perfect. it wouldnt surprise me if when brian may's hair is perfected then it might well happen [17:34] [admin] How many more albums can we expect to milk muse for? [17:34] Tom Kirk: 1 billion [17:35] [Invixus] lol [17:35] [brewster] What happened to Doms eyebrows at the nme awards [17:35] Tom Kirk: i dont think i know what you mean. [17:36] [admin] whats the most stressful part of being an uber band manager? [17:36] Tom Kirk: things like this [17:36] [dvdlental] what colour of hair did u prefer matt with and can u please convince him to go red again lol [17:36] Tom Kirk: reds dead baby, reds dead [17:36] [bearhunt] what do you REALLY think of the administrative staff here at muselive? [17:36] Tom Kirk: bunch of cocks [17:36] [Invixus] hehe, cheers tom :) [17:36] [Andrew] hahah thanks [17:37] Tom Kirk: the best i mean... spelling is bad as you know [17:37] [Andrew] ;-) [17:37] [James] will matt be using an orchestra in some of the new songs as he did in absolution? [17:37] Tom Kirk: hope so. i think he needs to pin it all down before writing scores for it.. [17:37] [admin] thanks :p [17:37] [the_real_mcroi] did matt become a budha in the kngdom of bhutan? [17:37] Tom Kirk: he floated back put it that way [17:38] [admin] Ever thought about touring asia/africa? [17:38] Tom Kirk: yeah. asia will get a look in on the next record. world tour we hope [17:38] Tom Kirk: sales are good out there [17:39] [matt_201uk] where is matt and chris now then? what colour socks is dom wearing? [17:39] Tom Kirk: black. BLACK. BLACK [17:39] [Neilyboy] Are the band tired of being described as rediculous yet brilliant? [17:39] Tom Kirk: only the briliiant part [17:40] [dvdlental] where will muses first gig of new album probably be [17:40] Tom Kirk: i reckon some cool little gig in england or two [17:40] Tom Kirk: i'll pass on your request. a very reasonable one if you ask me [17:41] [Andrew] when are you back to exeter? [17:41] Tom Kirk: soon enough i hope. maybe for easter? [17:42] [MArtianmuesli] Is there a reason why Falling Away With You has never been played live? [17:42] Tom Kirk: i think it will one day. matt was talking about it the other day. [17:42] [brewster] what do you hate and love about each member? [17:42] Tom Kirk: the fact that i hate and love them so much [17:43] [admin] will you EVER get tired of groupies? [17:43] [bearhunt] what do you think of the new wave of legal download services like apple's itunes? would you ever pay money to download? [17:43] Tom Kirk: not if i could easily get it for free. but the official answer is that of course i would pay. [17:43] [admin] What do Warner think about the availability of muse bootlegs for free on the net? [17:44] Tom Kirk: : [17:44] Tom Kirk: i dont know. dom cant remember either [17:44] Tom Kirk: warners hate it. but thats cause it could cripple them [17:45] [jono] where do muse get their clothes from??? they always have amazin stuff on lol! [17:45] Tom Kirk: all over the place. no where in particular. japan is good. the US. each member goes different places [17:46] [james_bullough] would u buy muselive merchendise? [17:46] Tom Kirk: no. its illegal [17:46] [bearhunt] was it the right way to go to ban hunting? [17:46] Tom Kirk: ban hunting yes. band hunting yes [17:47] [Neilyboy] How did the band find doing the Jonathon Ross show, is he really a complete twat? [17:47] Tom Kirk: no he's a very funny man i think. his daughter is a big fan.. him and matt connected over this new media player thing [17:47] [gavin99] wot do muse think of fresh talent? such as block party? [17:47] Tom Kirk: they like em. they are a good band [17:47] Tom Kirk: all that new stuff coming through is cool [17:48] [nirajp] (boring question but) What's your favourite muse music video ? [17:48] Tom Kirk: i'm bound to say butterflies, stockholm and deadstar [17:48] [daisythefirestarter] Question for Dom: What kind of drumsticks do you use? [17:48] Tom Kirk: he used tama sticks recently. but now they have turned around and said no more supply [17:49] [habbodini] what was the last concert you went too? [17:49] Tom Kirk: it was funnily enough the bloc party in camden monarch last week or whenever,.. tonight seeing slint [17:49] [brewster] whats the last good film you saw [17:49] Tom Kirk: eternal sunshine... [17:50] [RaymondM] will muse ever return to good old proper piss-take miming (l&k was awesome!) [17:50] Tom Kirk: yeah if they get asked back on the shows, im sure it will happen again [17:50] [habbodini] are you currently working on any media projects? [17:50] Tom Kirk: earls court.. sorting through tapes.. making a new US video [17:50] [matt_201uk] can you play any instruments? would bwe be likely to see you join in on the album or even on stage playing triangle or something? [17:50] Tom Kirk: drums. not on stage. [17:51] [admin] Tom, ure free to leave whenever you like! :p [17:51] [Jules] There have been many different views on the UK video for Hysteria, could you briefly describe what it's about? [17:51] Tom Kirk: it changed from the orginal.. which was on the dvd... basically the final version was this guy was stalking a prostitue (haley), and beat her up and stuff, its all time warped [17:54] Tom Kirk: : [17:54] Tom Kirk: i just wrote the longest one ever and it fucked up. thats not funny [17:55] [gavin99] absolution was all about destruction and the end of the world? can we hope to see a more uplifting side to MUSEs coming work? [17:55] Tom Kirk: depends if anyone assinates Bush [17:55] [jono] Are their going to be/already are, any hidden tracks on cds or dvds? Just thinkin back to the hullabloo cd 1 and the hidden track lol [17:55] Tom Kirk: there probably will be somewhere down the line. i quite like that sorta thing [17:55] [admin] Is Dom gay? [17:55] Tom Kirk: very much no [17:56] [MArtianmuesli] Matt saidin an interview that he would like to get a place in london where the band can do private gigs and rehearse. does this place exist yet? [17:56] Tom Kirk: yes it does. its very nice [17:56] Tom Kirk: not sure about the private gig part! [17:56] [admin] How much of what matt says is actually real? [17:57] Tom Kirk: real madrid 1, surreal madrid Fish [17:57] [gavin99] wen can we hope to see their next UK tour? [17:57] Tom Kirk: like to think the UK will get the first tour off the new record as soon as possible. [17:58] [Jules] Have you any burning ambitions? [17:58] Tom Kirk: yeah but the doctor said it would go away with time [17:59] [Neilyboy] Who have you met on your travels that have actually left you quite starstruck? [17:59] Tom Kirk: billy corgan, robert smith, dave grohl [17:59] [admin] Can you tell Dom to come over and say hi or we'll start m alicious rumours about him :p [17:59] [crs] Do you have videos from the Italian gigs?Are they gonna be put on the next DVD? [17:59] Tom Kirk: ermm... didnt film thm for that purpose so much, clips from them for sure will be on there though [17:59] [habbodini] who would you love to meet? [17:59] Tom Kirk: this person called habbodini [18:00] [Neilyboy] Who have you met on your travels that have actually left you quite disappointed? [18:00] Tom Kirk: flight attendants that refuse more booze. ,most people in this business and world for that amtter are very nice [18:01] [Neilyboy] Do the band like doing these internet chat thingies? [18:01] Tom Kirk: no. they have bad experiences from them! [18:02] [RaymondM] will rich costey help produce the next album? [18:02] Tom Kirk: we have been talking to him. he's a great guy. really understands the band. we still have to wait and see though. he's very busy these days [18:03] [dvdlental] why didnt fury make it onto absolution :( [18:03] Tom Kirk: it was between that and tsp. i think Dom and Chris wanted Tsp. Matt was in it for Fury - which i tried to back him up on, but its a democracy between the band you know [18:04] [ashamedscreenager] if you didnt know muse would you be a big fan like each of us? [18:04] Tom Kirk: yeah i think i would [18:04] [ocean] are they, the band, where they wanted to be at this point of their career. [18:04] Tom Kirk: i think they are over the moon with their current standing yes [18:04] [admin] Do Muse pity us? [18:04] Tom Kirk: do you pity you? [18:05] [Andrew] yes he does [18:05] [admin] i pity me, yes [18:05] [Invixus] i think we all pity tom (wilson) [18:05] [Andrew] lol [18:05] [Neilyboy] What's the hardest song for Dom to drum out and which is his favourite? [18:05] Tom Kirk: favourite - stockholm [18:06] Tom Kirk: he's going now.. we're buying a new computer [18:06] Tom Kirk: i gotta go too. [18:07] [Invixus] ok, cheers tom, bye :D [18:07] [Andrew] thanks for this [18:07] Tom Kirk: its been nice to talk. sorry dom isnt able to come on here but he's working hard. [18:07] [admin] everyone's saying bye hexctically! [18:07] [Andrew] the server has never had so much strain [18:07] Tom Kirk: oh and by the way i don;t write that tour diary thing! [18:08] [Andrew] lots of bye's far to many to moderate [18:08] [admin] im validating all the goodbyes :) [18:08] Tom Kirk: byebye. take care. be good. [18:08] [admin] wel will... mwah [18:08] [Invixus] hehe [18:08] [Andrew] thanks from everyone at, all questions and answers will be posted soon


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