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One of the most famous performers in popular music history, and a longtime favourite of the band.

"We have written a whole lot of stuff while we were out in tour and sometimes at the live show we 've been doing improvisation which we've been calling 'alien funk'. It sounds like a cross between Michael Jackson and Nirvana. - Matt Bellamy http://www.microcuts.net/uk/news/archives/2000/05/

Time Is Running Out was one of the last songs we did on Absolution. We'd recorded 70 per cent or 80 per cent of the album and we went to Ireland to redo some stuff and finish off some new tracks. But that was one of the last bunch of tracks that we wrote.
We wanted to go to something more funky, a little bit more... not funky but a little more groovy. It was something we'd never really done before. Something that made you want to click your fingers. Something that was more influenced by someone like Michael Jackson or someone like that. We wanted something that sounded like 'Billie Jean'. - Chris Wolstenholme. http://www.musewiki.org/Rip_It_Up_2007-12-03_%E2%80%93_Tales_of_the_Tracks

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