Loveline 2006-06-13

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This programme has not yet been fully transcribed.

Gary "Stryker" Sandorf: Right now. Big night here on Loveline. I'm very excited tonight [?] I'm Stryker, when I noticed and saw, when I found out who the guests were going to be on Loveline tonight, I was super-excited, kind'o like a school girl. 'cause there's Matt...

Matthew Bellamy: [laughs]

S: That's, that's a good start. 'cause...

B: [laughs]

S: Except I'm not wearing a dress! Matthew and Dominic are here, they are sitting sixty six percent of the band Muse everybody. Muse on Loveline.

Dominic Howard: Hello

B: Hey, thanks for having us.

S: Thank you for being here. We're gonna play some new songs from their record, uh we're gonna hang out and talk to fans calling in, we're gonna take all the normal callers that we get at 100 Loveline 191, the new CD just came out this past Tuesday and before we get all yappin' and everything, for those of you who don't know who Muse is, I'll break it down in about ten seconds. Um, bas.. in my opinion one of the top five bands in the world. Every song they make is just a theatre, it's a movie of music, it's orchestral, it's rhythmatic [sic] and the lyrics are amazing, but you have to read the lyrics to pretty much get the song and you may not really understand what they're saying in terms of what they mean, but basically this is what Muse is all about, hit it.

[ Hysteria played]

S: Basically, that's a little medley I made earlier today you guys,...

H: Nice.

B: That sums it up, pretty well. [laughs]

S: Well it sums it up in about a minute and twenty seconds, that three guys, which is unbelievable to me Dr. Drew, make all that racket...

Dr. David Drew Pinsky: It's amazing.

S: ...and I mean that in a good way

D: Well I'm used to guys that come on the show making a racket, this is more music.

S: It's music...

B: There you go.

S: ...and sometimes it's actually comical, when you hear a Muse song next to another song on the radio that gets just as much air play because you're like, 'How was that on the radio also?'

B: [chuckles]

S: So, I know I sound just like a complete uh, idiot, TRL lover of Muse right now, but I'm passionate about the band and of music, so it's very cool to have them in this room and a chance uh, for the fans to speak to you guys.

H: Pleasure.

S: Cool. [?] They're drinking the wine. Please tell us, you guys, about the new record and your thought going into it and what fans can expect from the new Muse album, which came out a couple of days ago in the States.

B: Uh, well, what can we expect, there's all sorts in there. There's a little bit of Tex-Mex in there, a bit of uh Morriconi, there's one song that's been getting played a lot that sounds a bit like a, you know, a theme tune to some, kind of like, Clint Eastwood that got lost and er, what else is on there Dom?

H: Spend a bit more time experimenting with electronics, I think, you know and a lot of weird synthesis, kind of, stuff, um, we just wanted to show lots of different sides to the band. We experimented a lot in the studio and we, we kind of uh, wrote a lot of the songs, almost in a studio kind of environment as well, so it gave us a lot of time to experiment greatly and explore different areas and you know, just generally uh, move into musical ground that we've never touched on before.

S: Right. How long...

H: It's not me.

S: That's not me either. I think that's our satellite going crazy.

B: Do you use CDs still?

S: No, I don't think that's a CD. You guys have been a band since you were basically teens, is that correct?

B: Yeah yeah, we've been... I've been with him actually, in a band since I was what...

H: 13?

B: What? Way too long, way too long. Yeah.

S: You serious.

B: Yeah, yeah. We started a band together called, Carnage Mayhem? Or something... and then it... and then it was Gothic Plague. That was a pretty good incarnation, that one... and Rocket Baby Dolls was my favourite, that was named after some dodgy uh, Japanese porn film but uh, we all used to um, we all used to like sort of wear this kind of Gothic makeup and spike our hair up and we looked a bit like The Cure, but we sounded like the, kind of, the secret track on, what's that... "Nevermind" by Nirvana?

S: End Rag.

B: Just ruckus. We just used to make a load of noise, trash our gear and that was, that was 'cause I didn't really sing at all, it was just like noises and uh, that was kind of how we started really. Just a load of, chaos.

S: ...and when, when did it all come together and the three of you, when it ended up being three of you, when did you say; 'Man, we're, we're not too shabby, people in our home town and our home country...

B: [laughs]

S: ...home country, are kind of digging this'.

B: Uh, well I mean it took us a while really. I suppose it's uh, we're still waiting for it to all come together actually, but uh...

S: Shut the hell up.

B: No no, it's uh, what do you mean? Like, when did it come together...

H: Well, I don't know. Muse has been like ten years I guess so far, something like that, around that time. But um...

D: What's the name of the next band gonna be?

B: What, the name of the next band? Uh, I think we're gonna call the next band "B..." what was it? "Badger's Eyebrow". I think that's a good name for a band.

H: It's great.

B: It's uh, it's also uh...

H: So, yeah. It's like ten years, but I think we uh, you know, it was like Matt said, it was kind of chaotic in the beginning, but at the same time we, we knew we were onto something. As soon as the three of us got together, from our previous bands, something felt right and uh, we started kind of being just like; free musically to do whatever we wanted so, I think just over a course of, maybe five years up until we recorded our first album, we were kind of like just really trying out lots of different things, but it felt good. It felt like we were onto something.

S: You're from um, what exact town? ...and where exactly.

B: Uh, a small town called Teignmouth, that's where, that's where the band formed and that's where we went to school together and stuff. It's uh, the South West of England. A kind of seaside town, it's kind of like here but without the sunshine. You know, we've got the beaches that look quite nice, but kind of like, full of pollution, it's...

D: Is it like Brighton?

B: It's kind of a bit further West than that, but it's a similar kind of vibe.

D: Brighton's beautiful.

B: Yeah, Brighton's nice yeah, when the Sun comes out, which is like one every year. If you're lucky.

D: At least you're gonna get some sun.

S: What's your favourite city in the US?

B: Um, actually I'm kind of, I'm, I'm caught between LA and New York, obviously they're the two obvious ones, you know. I do like them both for different reasons. I love the uh, I love the sunshine here, hanging out by the pool. It's a good vibe. Uh, but New York's got, you know, has a lot going on as well so.

H: Chicago and Austin.

D: Austin's a great town.

S: You guys, have you ever... did you play in Austin before you got pretty big here in the US, at the big uh, music festival there every year?

B: No, you mean the South by Southwest? No, we never made it to that. We did the one in, there was one in New York called CMJ?

S: ...and that's it, exactly. Exactly.

B: That, that was the first, uh, I think that was the first gig we ever did in the States wasn't it? That was way back, yeah and uh, yeah, that was pretty cool.

S: ...and you guys are a touring band. I mean you have played day after day after day after day after day to get to this level, to make it sound live like it does on the record I assume.

B: Yeah, absolutely. We've always been like; touring was always our priority, you know, that was like uh, the main reason I got in a band was to play live and be on stage and stuff. That's the best kind of, the best feeling you can get I think...

D: Right.

B: ...and uh, so yeah. We've been kind of touring from the start, uh, you know, way before we even started selling records and getting record deals, we were touring all across Europe and stuff so, that's kind of what the band's all about really.


S: If you're just tuning into Loveline, we have the band Muse here, it's Matt right there to my left in the lovely white shirt, I'm pointing at Dominic right there in the lovely black shirt.

B: Yellow trousers.

S: ...and he's got no trousers.

B: He's got yellow trousers.

S: Oh, yellow trousers! I didn't even notice!

H: Bright yellow.

S: You're not going golfing after this are you?

B: [laughs] He should be, dressed like that.

S: Alright. So how about this as a plan everyone; Dr. Dru and Muse, let's take some calls and then we'll play a song from the new record, take some more calls, hang out, talk some more and just uh, do what we do here on Loveline. Let's talk to Angel in uh, Denver. You're twenty one on Loveline, what's up Angel?

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