London Wembley Arena 2006 - 22nd (gig)

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Set list
Wrist band
Muse show
Venue Wembley Arena[1][source?]
Date 22nd November 2006[1][source?]
Location Wembley, London[source?]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 19[1][2][source?]
Support The Noisettes[3][source?]
Start (UTC) 19:30, 18:30 (doors)[4][source?]
Capacity 12,300 (max seated)[source?]
Price (GBP) 28.50 (seated, standing)[4][source?]
Sold out? Yes (seated, standing),[4] no (pre-sale)[source?]

Ticket pre-sale took place on 13th July 2006 from 09:00. Tickets went on general sale 14th July 2006 at 09:00.[4]

Dan the trumpeteer was back again, playing for both City of Delusion and Knights of Cydonia. The balloons were released during Bliss, which was in its extended form. Assassin was not in its extended form. The Ashamed outro was performed for the first time on the tour after New Born. This may have been the last performance of the Space Dementia outro.

Muse played the whole of Black Holes and Revelations for the first 11 songs, finishing up with some old favourites for the encores. Last performance of Exo-Politics to date.

Set list

  1. Take a Bow
  2. Starlight
  3. Supermassive Black Hole
  4. Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm outro
  5. Soldier's Poem (piano)
  6. Invincible
  7. Assassin
  8. Exo-Politics
  9. City of Delusion
  10. Hoodoo
  11. Knights of Cydonia + Space Dementia outro
  12. Sunburn (piano)
  13. New Born + Ashamed outro
  14. Plug In Baby
  15. Feeling Good
  16. Bliss (extended)
    Encore 2
  17. Hysteria
  18. Time Is Running Out
  19. Stockholm Syndrome


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