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Jo Whiley interview with Muse, May 13th 2006

Jo Whiley: ... Muse! Please introduce yourselves!

Dom: Hi, I'm Dominic.

Matt: I'm Matt, and those trousers ... *laughs*

Jo Whiley: Can you explain those for me please Matt?

Matt: They're just extremely embarrassing to be in the same band as *laughs*

Jo Whiley: They are, quite possibly the tightest, brightest pink trousers I've ever seen in my life, do you want to explain yourself?

Dom: He's uh, he's just jealous really, of my pink trousers, my flourescent pink trousers.

Jo Whiley: Where did you get them from and why?

Dom: Uh, I got them in like, uh, I think I got them in Southern Italy, I was trying to like, fit in with that...

Jo Whiley: They're very Italian ...

Dom: ... Flourescent Mediterranean vibe you see down there.

Jo Whiley: O..K ... And Matt, you've got a bright scarlet bomber jacket on as well ... And uh, quite bling trainers.

Matt: Oh yeah yeah yeah, I'm trying to look a bit ... Sort of fit in a bit, with the vibe, y'know just sort of blend in with the crowd, y'know?

Jo Whiley: Going along with the funky camp disco track you've just brought out of course, the image all goes together ...

Matt: That's why we've got the old uh, the camp uh, the camp disco vibe coming, coming up very soon.

Jo Whiley: Well you look fantastic, very good. The new record's brilliant, we'll play it in just a second. Er, you arrived in Dundee last night? What do you know of Dundee?

Dom: Uuuum, not so much!

Jo Whiley: Nice golf course ...

Dom: Yeah, we went and stayed at St Andrews Golf Course y'know, which is very famous apparently ...

Jo Whiley: And they let you in with those trousers?

Dom: Yeah, there were a few kind of posh, snobby looks and eyes coming in our direction ... Which is a bit funny really but um, it's a nice place, very beautiful, nice to stay there.

Jo Whiley: Gloriously sunny at the moment ...

Matt: Yeah, it's great it's been amazing weather um ,the last few days... Down in London as well ... Uh yeah, nice to see a bit of sunshine up north.

Jo Whiley: So what kind of spirits are you in, with the new record?

Dom: Um, feeling great about the new album, certainly. Right now? Feeling a bit nervous - this is our first gig for like, over a year or something so um ...

Jo Whiley: And how do the nerves manifest themselves?

Matt: Oh you don't want to know really! *laughs*

Jo Whiley: In those tight trousers I'm quite worried!

Matt: Yeah, not in good ways yeah.. It's a little bit kind of sweat... Like I need to take a large number of showers when I'm nervous because I start to get sort of cold sweat on, y'know? so uh, I've already had one today, I think I might have another one before I go on stage as well. Showers is what I need when I get nervous.

Jo Whiley: Do you need people on stage fanning you or, while you're on stage..?! Um, have you decided on the setlist? What you're going to be playing, what you're going to be doing?

Both: Um yes!

Matt: Yep, we'll probably play a mixture of old tracks and, we'll defintely play two or three songs off, what's uh, the forthcoming album, and uh yeah, looking forward to it.

Jo Whiley: OK, and still no fear of forgetting the words? I mentioned this when I spoke to you the other day, forgetting words to songs ...

Matt: Oh what, forgetting the words? That's a good point actually, I should go on the website and look 'em up so I can remember what they are!

Jo Whiley: Might be a good idea ...! *laughs* So you're going to have some hardcore Muse fans out there as well, so are you looking forward to it, basically?

Dom: Definately. We did a little soundcheck earlier, and it just felt good to be back on stage again. It sounded good in the ears anyway so um, fingers crossed, I'm looking forward to it.

Jo Whiley: Excellent, we all are as well! Okay, we'l play the record now, this was our record of the week on the show last week, do you want to introduce it? Because I forgot the get you to do that the other day.

Dom: Sure. This is umm, Supermassive Black Hole, our new single.

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