Jigsaw Memory (song)

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Muse song
Name Jigsaw Memory
Album/single This Is a Muse Demo (4)
Length Unknown
Alternative titles -
First live performance Unknown
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded Wolstenholme's house, May 1995
Writer/composer Matt Bellamy
Producer Muse



One of the songs off of the first Muse demo tape. Recorded in Wolstenholme's house, 1995.


Jigsaw Memory was written in 1995. It was performed at the Berkeley Centre performance in October 1995, as well as possibly into 1996. As Jigsaw Memory was included on This Is A Muse Demo, which was recorded in May 1995, it can be assumed that Jigsaw Memory was performed often for most of 1995. Based on this, we can assume that Jigsaw Memory was performed over ten times. The only recording available of this song is a very short fragment from This Is A Muse Demo.

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Known lyrics

Saying it's okay

Will get you anywhere Come on every jigsaw memory fading from...

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