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How to fill in the discography

All tracks should have the following criteria, which uses the Songbox template:-

| Name = (The name of the song)
| Album = (The album, single or EP the track is taken from)
| Length = mm:ss (The length of the track, duh!)
| AltTitles = (Unofficial, demo or pre-release titles of the song)
| First = (Date song was performed live, eg 'Crying Shame' would be 19{{supo|th}} December 2005, linked to 'Earl's Court 19th' gig article)
| Latest = (Same as first play, but for last the last date a song was played. Leave blank for any songs currently played on tour)
| Recorded = (Year of the first and subsequent recordings)
| Writer = (The songwriter, in most cases Sir Bellamy)
| Producer = (The producer)
| Chart = (The highest UK chart position)



The thumbnail images to the right should be of the main UK releases: CD, CD2/DVD and vinyl. For albums the back cover can be included. For these, use:

[[File:Title – CD1 cover art.jpg | right | thumb | CD1 cover art]]
[[File:Title – CD2 cover art.jpg | right | thumb | CD2 cover art]]
[[File:Title – vinyl cover art.jpg | right | thumb | Vinyl cover art]]

Albums and EPs often have other images in their booklets. For these, use:

== Album booklet artwork ==
File:Title – booklet page 1.jpg | Booklet, page 1
File:Title – booklet page 2.jpg | Booklet, page 2
File:Title – booklet page 3.jpg | Booklet, page 3

For international releases, promos, and any related images (such as of the CDs or back covers) use this form:

== Gallery ==
File:Title – US cover art.jpg | US cover art
File:Title – FR cover art.jpg | FR cover art
File:Title – promo cover art.jpg | Promo cover art

The best images to use are clear ones of the cover art, packaging etc. without any background stuff.


== Lyrics ==

[Insert lyrics]

=== Alternative lyrics ===

[Insert alternative lyrics]

If you're still stuck on how it's done, look at the songs on Absolution Discussions on whether there should be more fields should be talked about below.

Another quick note

Singles should be like e.g. Sunburn (single). They should all have (single) next to them.

Albums; Absolution (album)

Compilations; Little Nicky (compilation)

Make sure that the single has the same criteria as the album.

The songs are then linked up to their own pages detailing the song and stuff, such as lyrics etc. Songs will have the title followed by (song), so: Sunburn (song). This is to distinguish between the songs and the singles.

For discussion, use the Discussion tab.

Country code

When including information pertaining to one country, use the ISO country code instead of the country's name. Some releases are exclusive to the Benelux region. For these, use "BX".

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