Florence Piazzale Michelangelo 2007 (gig)

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Dominic Howard wearing the pink wig
Muse show
Venue Piazzale Michelangelo[1]
Date 30th May 2007[1]
Location Florence, FI[source?]
Country Italy
Songs 15[2]
Support Juliette and the Licks[source?]
Start (UTC+2) 20:30[1]
Capacity ~9,800[source?]
Price (EUR) 34.50[1]
Sold out? Yes[source?]

While Matthew Bellamy was setting his guitar up for Micro Cuts, Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme played an ambient teaser interlude which included a build up to the song's percussion.[3]

The balloons were released during Blackout, which was played for the first time after three years. Someone from the audience threw a pink wig to the stage. Bellamy took and gave it to Howard, who wore it during Blackout.[4] A video of this moment can be seen here.


After Hysteria Bellamy [?—Italian]
After Supermassive Black Hole "Grazie".
Howard "How's it going Florence? How are you guys this evening? Nice to be in your beautiful town".
After Map of the Problematique "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Juliette Lewis and the Licks for playing with us tonight. Weren't they fucking cool? ... I thought so too".
Before Micro Cuts Bellamy "Okay this is an old song. I had to make the new effect. [laughs]".
After Feeling Good "Grazie. ... This next song is the first song from our first album".
After Sunburn Howard "Grazie [?]".
After Invincible Bellamy "Thank you very much, thank you".
After Starlight "Grazie".
Before Blackout "Grazie mira, grazie mira. It's wonderful to be in this beautiful city. It's the most beautiful city in the world, thanks! ... [laughs]"
Howard [?] ... I've been meaning to dye my hair pink anyway".
After Blackout Bellamy "Cheers".
After Stockholm Syndrome "Grazie, grazie [?]. See you next year".
Howard Thank you Florence! You guys fucking rock! See you next time, cheers, [?—Italian]".


Various amateur videos have appeared on YouTube, of which the audio of one recording of Micro Cuts has been demuxed and is available here[registration needed]. A full audience[5] recording is available in mp3 format here[registration needed]. Another audience recording was shared on the 9th of November 2007, which is available here and here[registration needed] in FLAC format.

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