Fishman TriplePlay Guitar Synthesizer Driver

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Bellamy using the Fishman TriplePlay during the 2018 Paris gig, testing the unit during Plug in Baby

Similar to the Roland GK-2a Guitar Synthesizer Driver, which Matt used on early Muse songs, it's installed on a Manson Matt Black Stealth and used as a synth layer.

The TriplePlay system has first been tested during Plug in Baby at the 2018 La Cigale By Request gig in France, where Matt tried to imitate the studio guitar sound of Plug in Baby. This didn't go well, so he stopped using it live on Plug in Baby.

Bellamy did however use the TriplePlay in the studio version and 2018 live versions of The Dark Side, the studio solo of Break It to Me and various other unknown songs off of Simulation Theory.

As of 2019, Bellamy ditched the Fishman TriplePlay and uses the Manson Prophet Stealth instead.


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