Exmouth Shed 1997 (gig)

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Promotional poster
Muse show
Venue The Shed[1] (Shedstock[1][2])
Date 15th October 1997[1]
Location The Strand, Exmouth[1]
Country United Kingdom
Songs Unknown
Support Fireflies[1]
Start (UTC+1) 21:00[1]
Capacity Unknown
Price (GBP) 3.50[1]
Sold out? Probably[2]

Shedstock was a series of seven concerts at The Shed.[1] This gig was the last gig of "several"[2] Muse played with the bands of Budstock's organiser,[2] in this case the Fireflies. Said person was also the organiser of this event. For this concert, the venue apparently was "packed".[2]

At this concert, Matthew Bellamy used a PA amp running stereo Peavey Cabs on either side of the stage, which the aforementioned person described as sounding "amazing".[2] Due to complaints over the high noise levels by neighbours, this was the last time Shedstock occurred[2] and the final three concerts were cancelled.[2] Each concert was scheduled to span from 21:00 until 01:00.[1] Entry appears to have been free for student union card holders.[1]


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