Exeter Cavern Club 1994 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Cavern Club[1]
Date October 1994[1]
Location Exeter[1][2]
Country United Kingdom
Songs Unknown
Support Chickysaw, The Buzzhearts
Supported Kohoutec[presumption]
Start (UTC+1) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

Assuming that there were no other Muse-participated gigs in Exeter before February 1995 and that February was the actual date of the first Bull and Gate gig, this was one supporting Tribute to Nothing.[2]

Also assuming the above is true, Matthew Bellamy struggled to make eye contact with the crowd and mumbled the lyrics to Muse' songs. In response, the sound engineer advised Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme to replace Bellamy as singer.[3]

UPDATE : Per web blog The band played the Exeter Cavern on 10/22/94 along with Chickysaw, The Buzzhearts, and Kohoutec. There is no mention of Tribute to Nothing.


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