Emotion Coming (song)

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Muse song
Name Emotion Coming
Album/single -
Length 3:32
Alternative titles -
First live performance 1994
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded -
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer -



A punk-inspired early song that Muse played during battle of the bands contests. In April 2009, a video of Muse playing "Emotion Coming", at a Battle of the Bands contest in Torquay in 1994, was uploaded on YouTube.[1] According to Niall, Sam Sparrow showed the video of the gig to Chris Wolstenholme and asked about of names of the songs played at the gig, which he still remembered.[2]


Emotion Coming was written after the band's first two gigs and was likely debuted sometime between the third and fifth concert in 1994. It was performed at the Battle of the Bands performance in November 1994, as well as into 1995. Interestingly, Nature_1 was being performed live as early as March 1997 and features a lyric reference to this song.

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I only wish that it was sunny

Friends are all we've got to call And I just swig my bottle As I've got nowhere left to go

I just wanna be alone Spend some time on my own

Oh I wished that it was sunny And I fell as I dropped out An' I judge you by your future Hope that drives and can't turn down

I just wanna be alone Spend some time on my own


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