El País 2001/10/17 - Enormous dose of virtuosity

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Article from the Spanish newspaper El PAÍS, written by Fernando Martín and published the 17th October 2001.

Enormous dose of virtuosity

The new sensation of Brit rock comes from this trio led by a 23-year-old-virtous man, Matthew Bellamy. Touched by god's hands, this boy plays his instruments with authentic fury and sing with vocal possibilities far above the average. In their last gig in Festimad, the group gave a vigorous demonstration on how you revitalize the most visceral rock in the the British tradition of neo-glam, which they could share with Placebo.

Anguishing, hurtful, agressive rock with attacks of pianistic fury and guitar catharsis, perfectly complemented with a harmonious rhythm, the only fault might be that it's played in a much lower volume than what Matt Bellamy does. In their last gig in Madrid, the band provided lots of surprises. The first was filling a show ground with a respectable ticket price, as they are an unknown band.

Second was the staging, with ingenious cameras in the guitar's neck, at the end of the piano or close to the drum's pedal, in order to offer to the audience weird planes of the musician's fingers during the performance.

Powerful songs

Powerful songs, from a trio who captivates without innovating too much, must be added to the list of virtues.

The band presented the songs from they second LP, Origin of Symmetry, which in a very short time has become a cult for youngster who are still looking for things in music; things with the unquestionable merit of the instrumental difficulty that Bellamy solves with enormous amounts of virtuosity.

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