Daily Star 2008-03-31 – Why Amy Rocks!

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An article covering comments from guitarist Saul "Slash" Hudson, including one of Muse, on the Daily Star website, published 2008-03-31.


31st March 2008

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“It’s sad,” he says. “There’s no identifiable guitar players in rock ’n’ roll any more.

“With the exception of Jack White – who is great – the new breed of bands aren’t bringing out decent guitarists. Rock ’n’ roll is so diluted in this millennium, you just don’t hear good solos. And I hate EMO.”

But there is at least one band Slash still has a bit of time for.

He said: “I did a gig with Muse recently and those guys can really play.

“It’s not really what I’d call proper rock ’n’ roll, but they do something pretty special. And I admire that.”

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