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Song Title/Anagram Possible Solutions Discovered
New One I
DES Keyboard Tech Ages ago :p
Cuts and Bruises Another variation Ages ago :p
New One II
*A Crying Shame One bit Matt goes on about in song, title created by musers Earls Court (19th December)
New One (CS) As the band used CS to identify the song, we give it they call it Crying Shame too Boca Raton (8th April)
My Searching Crying Shame Philadelphia (15th April)
Swiss Rhapsody Password is Shy (Now comfirmed it was the email subject you needed to email St. Louis (26th April)
Cute British Setup Substitute Cipher Columbus (27th April)
New One III
*Pee Candle A very sick sick name made up in muse board Boca Raton (8th April)
Burning Bandits Just a theory. Has the word sign in it though
Codebreak Shy Outsider Des is our Keyboard Tech Philadelphia (15th April)
Timescale Keeper Keep Email Secret Buffalo (21st April)
Unpacked Residents Send Naked Pictures East Lansing (23rd April)
Majestic Blue Email Subject St. Louis (26th April)
ABA Key for decrypting second qua email using Enigma Machine London Heathrow (23rd April)
Preservable Heat Reverse Alphabet, part of the cipher used to code the email Kent (28th April)
Harem Meeting Merged with Evaluating Mortals: Get M-Three Naval Enigma Simulator London (23rd April)
Obtain Drowsy Powders Write Password On/In Body San Antonio (3rd May)
New One IV
New D D Tuning? the Keyword for Stockholm Syndrome in making of Absolution album Boca Raton (8th April)
Easy Tiger Simply Matts catch words (eg Get a Grip) Disco Rodeo (13th April)
Debase Mason's Grog Messageboard Song Philadelphia (15th April)
Cold Aqua Tomato Matthews old email address sent ages ago for cheap sex :) Buffalo (21st April)
Moniker Probes Broken Promise (Us kiddies went on about email address, not exactly keeping email secret) East Lansing (23rd April)
Auditory Masks RAK Studios May - Where a lucky muser eventually picked up the signed guitar St. Louis (26th April)
Arty Siege Easy Tiger anagram Columbus (27th April)
Evaluating Mortals Merged with Harem Meeting: Get M-Three Naval Enigma Simulator London (23rd April)
Starship Crowds Password Christ San Antonio (3rd May)
Dealers Choice Nope, not a new song, but the band seems to have a fetish with poker. This is where the band chooses what songs to play for encore Buffalo (21st April)