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According to matt on Twitter, he wants a 20 feet tall robot singing Unsustainable for the Stadium Tour,[1] with LED's and CO2 blasting out of the ears.[2] Matt had two options for the name, "Roger" or "Charles"[3], he chose the last one.

A few days later, he was tweeting again. When someone asked him if he got Charles yet, Matt tweeted by saying "it's coming together, had to reduce it to 16 feet because if wind or something silly."

Charles made his debut at the 2013 Ricoh Arena gig during Unsustainable. As of the end of the Unsustainable stadium tour, Charles was retired from live duties and was later part of the Muse museum for the 2015 Drones tour before Bellamy decided to use him for personal uses.

Despite not making appearances on live shows, Bellamy is reportedly using him on his Devon farm for herding sheep. He also brought Charles and his maintenance team to Burning Man fesitval in 2018.


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