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A fan chat session the Bazarre Festival's web site set up:

rockpalast2 is now known as MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE>hello there

<Bille>hi matthew, hi dominic


<Bille> how is devon?

<sickgirl> hi, muse

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> devon is good, a bit boring tough


<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> hi metallica

rockpalast4 is now known as CHRIS_FROM_MUSE

<METALLICA> where are you from and which kind of music do you play?

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> nice audience here

<Pristina> and dominic

<Pristina> and chris

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> hello pristina

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> brute force and tenderness in equal measure


<sickgirl> that's a nice description, matthew

<Bille> genial

<Pristina> actually, i don't know anything about Muse. just heard of the band.

<METALLICA> bielefeld

<Janne> Bremen

<sickgirl> essen

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> ooh, thanx bille

<sickgirl> hi mathew, how ya doin

<Bille> no probs, matt

<Bille> Oh Gott, ziemlich geilen Rock

<Bille> experimentellen

<Bille> Und matthew hat ne geile Stimme

<Bille> die sind supergeil, echt!

<METALLICA> newcomer bille?


<sickgirl> who doesn't

<Bille> no, on the 13th, matt

<Bille> matt, will ya come to berlin for promo


<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> ive been there once

<Janne> I'm leaving! Have a nice evening, all!

<Pristina> bye janne

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> faith no who?

<sickgirl> so what kind of music do you listen to, muse?

<Pristina> faith no more really kicks ass!

<METALLICA> which bands are your favourites chris dominic and matthew?


<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> talked where billie?

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> deftones

<METALLICA> deftones rock!

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> nice one metallica

<gin> gluck gluck

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> what is your email?

<Bille> my e-mail?


<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> i remember i think

<KC> hi

<gin> hi kc

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> because you like the deftones

<Carsten> Hi kc


<METALLICA> yeah they are great. is your music like theres?



<KC> do you want to hear realy cool music?..visit:

<Radiohead> cool

<Pristina> have you guys ever been to Finland?

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> september after the album

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> should we?

<gin> i ve been there 2 timwes

<Bille> should ya what?

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> come to finland

<Bille> I see

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> its good

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> its is very good you know

<gin> finnland is good in electronic music man

<Bille> on the 13th, radiohead

<Radiohead> oh thany

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> 27th maybe


<gin> finnland minimaltechno burns

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> not yet.cable but they have split up

<Pristina> cool

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> i like tokotronik.

<Bille> do you know about the snippet tapes?

<gin> ?

<sickgirl> tocotronik, that is

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> dont really know any german bands.What do you reccommend

<METALLICA> ...they are not bad

<Bille> deus are great, aye, matt?

<Radiohead> Do you like the beta band and Belle and Sebastian?


<KC> muse: listen to our band!

<gin> take good care guys cua

<Bille> will ya come to berlin then?

<METALLICA> i know too pristina

<Bille> I will, matt

<Bille> will ya e-mail me then, matt?

<METALLICA> whats ruisrock a festival in finland


<Bille> ok

<Pristina> Ruisrock is a festival here where i live, in Turku, Finland


<Bille> young man

<Bille> 20

<Pristina> matt, cool

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> what big bands are from finland

<Bille> 20

<Pristina> i'm only 16... =(

<Bille> hee


<KC> oh shit...26....should i go?

<Pristina> dominic, big bands?.. can't think of any ;)

<Bille> I wnna see ya live again, guys

<Pristina> my e-mail

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> b4 november

<Bille> that sounds good


<Pristina> dominic, many finnish metal- bands are known abroad.. but not many other.

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> what music you like sick?

<Bille> Chris, Dom, still there?

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> im still here

<Bille> oh, hi ya

<METALLICA> rockpalast i mean

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> what names

<Bille> 1:20 am


<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> we^re on rtl2 soon i think

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> and viva tv thing

<Bille> yes, on the 26th of sept. on wdr

<Bille> mateallica?

<Bille> metallica

<Bille> am 26. auf WDR


<Pristina> dominic, yeah... only real metal- lovers have.. but how do i know if you're one. =)

<Bille> do ya know MILES?

<sickgirl> whatever, theatre of tragedy, cos i used to be a goth(how shoegazing), blur, pulp, misfits and a lot more

<Bille> jedenfalls MUSE

<Wunschi> rocken MUSE eigentlich?

<METALLICA> muss ich mir mal anschauen die scheinen ja echt nett zu sein bille.

<sickgirl> oh, nick cave is good

<Pristina> dominic, what u think of Paradise Lost?

<METALLICA> pumpkins=not bad...

<Bille> matt?

<Bille> keine ahnung

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> they sound like metalica

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> just about

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> they where just on


<Bille> ne coole band aus england

<Pristina> dominic, yeah, i know. i don't think they sound like metallica! PL are better.. =)

<Bille> are ya bored, matt?

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> best song on melon collie

<Pristina> matt, it won't be private for long.. ;)

<Wunschi> How is the weather down there in cologne?

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> ok, a bit cold now

<CHRIS_FROM_MUSE> ok at the moment

<METALLICA> u suck

<Pristina> yep...

<METALLICA> ich gehe jetzt ciao bille

<Bille> when are ya going back to england again, matt?

<Bille> mailste mir auch mal?

<Radiohead> Hey Muse do you like Placebo?

<sickgirl> a new prince is a nice song

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> prince is a small man

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> till thursday i think

<Pristina> are you gonna do any shows in sweden?

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> just munich

<sickgirl> not THAT prince, he's not sexy as far as i'm concerned

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> and hamburg

<Bille> fxxxing shame

<Bille> hamburg is not too far

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> not playing in hamburg or munich

<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> just interviews

<Bille> I'll phone ya rec. company

<sickgirl> well, look at him, he's 5'3

<Bille> maybe I'll see ya then again


<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> if its on the way yes


<sickgirl> lol


<Pristina> cool

<Bille> when do ya have to leave the chat, muse?


<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> thanx metallica

<Pristina> btw, where does the name Muse come from?

<METALLICA> hey matt may i write an e-mail to you?

<Wunschi> What kind of music are you performing, PunkRock?

<Radiohead> Are you doing a showcase in Hamburg

<METALLICA> like this ^2

<Bille> Alt Gr and 3

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> i take it your a radiohead fan



<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> thankyou :)

<Radiohead> yes of course I m a radiohead fan

<|WondeR|> your webpage at maverick records is really nice indeed......nice layout



<Bille> ya got it

<Radiohead> Which other british bands Do you like?


<Bille> was nice to talk to ya again

<Bille> hope to meet ya again soon. I'll e-mail ya, matt



<MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE> see you soon i hope

<KC> cu muse

<DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE> half way out the door

<Pristina> bye dominic

<Bille> :((

<METALLICA> in den haste dich wohl ganzsch?erknallt wa bille?

<Bille> nee

<Bille> aber sie sind voll lieb, echt

<METALLICA> aber wenigstens ein bisschen

MATTHEW_FROM_MUSE is now known as rockpalast2

<KC> so s?...*lol*

DOMINIC_FROM_MUSE is now known as rockpalast3

<sickgirl> ist jetzt sternen zeit?

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