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Those new song titles sound cheery, don't they?

Muse premiered two brand new songs at a secret 'fanzine only' gig in London on May 8.

The band played a 30-minute acoustic set to a crowd of approximately 30 Muse fanzine writers at the Kashmir Klub, in north London. The six-song set included provisionally-titled new numbers 'Razor Blades' and 'Natural Disaster'. In addition, the band played their recent hit single 'Sunburn', as well as future single 'Unintended'. One fan who saw the show told "The new songs sounded just as I expected, not a massive shift in musical direction, but really emotional, really pure."

Speaking to earlier in the month, Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy hinted the band were well on the way with writing new material, the first since the release of 'Showbiz' last October. He said: "We have written a whole load of stuff while we were out on tour and sometimes at the live shows we've been doing improvisation which we've been calling 'Alien Funk'. It sounds like a cross between Michael Jackson and Nirvana."

The full set list for the London show ran - 'Sunburn', 'Falling Down', 'Muscle Museum', 'Razor Blades', 'Unintended' and 'Natural Disaster'. Following their performance, the band then took part in a press conference for their fans.

Muse release 'Unintended', the fifth single from their debut album 'Showbiz', on June 5 through Taste Media/Mushroom Records.


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