Istanbul Maslak Venue 2002 (gig)

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Matt and Chris with fans at the backstage [1]
Muse show
Venue Maslak Venue[2]
Date 7th April 2002[2]
Location İstanbul[2]
Country Turkey
Songs 15
Support Suitcase[2]
Start (UTC+3) 20:00, 16:00 (doors)[2]
Capacity 3,000[3]
Price 20 mil TL, 25 mil TL (door)[2]
Sold out? Yes[4]


18+ venue due to alcohol. Concert was about 50 minutes long due to poor organization. Balloons and champagne were released at the end of the show[5].

Megalomania was played somewhere in the middle of the set, but it is unknown where.

First Muse concert in Turkey.



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