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What is the Live Songs Links page?

Live Songs Links is the link table for all of Muse's separate songs.

In each link, you will find a page with video links to their live performances!

Note: Italicized song pages may not have all performances; they are either work-in-progress pages, or have extremely rare recordings that are hard to find.
Whenever you see a [B] symbol, that means that the video is backed up by personal computers. When you see a (B) symbol, that means it is backed up on Internet Archive. You can click it and be brought to Internet Archive!
If you would like to have reach us for credit on videos you made/recorded or for other purposes, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page. Thank you!
Showbiz Origin of Symmetry Absolution Black Holes and Revelations The Resistance
Sunburn New Born Apocalypse Please Take a Bow Uprising
Muscle Museum Bliss Time Is Running Out Starlight Resistance
Fillip Space Dementia Sing for Absolution Supermassive Black Hole Undisclosed Desires
Falling Down Hyper Music Stockholm Syndrome Map of the Problematique United States of Eurasia
Cave Plug In Baby Interlude Soldier's Poem Guiding Light
Showbiz Citizen Erased Hysteria Invincible Unnatural Selection
Unintended Micro Cuts Blackout Assassin MK Ultra
Uno Screenager Butterflies & Hurricanes Exo-Politics I Belong to You
Sober Darkshines The Small Print City of Delusion Exogenesis: Overture
Escape Feeling Good Endlessly Hoodoo Exogenesis: Redemption
Overdue Futurism Fury Knights of Cydonia
Hate This & I'll Love You Megalomania Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Glorious
Spiral Static Ruled by Secrecy
The 2nd Law Drones Showbiz B-Sides Post-Showbiz B-Sides Covers and Jams
Supremacy Dead Inside Agitated Nature_1 Osaka Jam
Madness Drill Sergeant Forced In Shrinking Universe Helsinki Jam
Panic Station Psycho Host Dead Star Glasgow Jam
Prelude Mercy Twin In Your World MK Jam
Survival Reapers Do We Need This Can't Take My Eyes Off You Monty Jam
Follow Me The Handler Minimum Eternally Missed Munich Jam
Animals JFK Pink Ego Box The Groove America
Explorers Defector Ashamed Crying Shame Back in Black
Save Me Revolt Yes Please Man of Mystery Dracula Mountain
Liquid State The Globalist Nishe Neutron Star Collision Lies
Unsustainable Drones Recess Popcorn Lithium
Isolated System Coma Sign o' the Times
Where the Streets Have No Name

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