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New Born video
Muse video
Name New Born
Album/single New Born CD1 (4), Hyper Music Box New Born CD (6), New Born promo VHS (1)
Length 6:03, 4:40 (edit)
Initial air date 1st May 2001
Filming Location A warehouse in West London, Prague
Director David Slade
Watch YouTube HD


People could partake as extras in the video[1] by E-mailing with their names and telephone numbers.[1] The extras were filmed on the 21st May at 11:00[1] in a warehouse[2] in West London.[1] The performance by Muse was filmed on the side of a building in Prague, before the filming of the extras.[2]

You can watch the full version of New Born video in HD here:

David Slade (director)

"The budget was as tight as a nun’s chuff and we ended up going to Prague to shoot most of the video.

Prague is like Canada in that budget’s go a lot further. We built a set and shot with extras and a single strange warehouse location. It was a really well organised shoot, but it was one of those scenarios when everything that could go wrong did. All beyond our control.

We ended up doing a tiny blue screen pick-up shoot of extras back in London a week later. The deadline was cast iron and we ended up having to rush the post through three different houses. It was one of the toughest jobs of my career.

To this day the mere sound of this track sends poor producer Russell Maclean into tortured fits of anguish."

There were two versions of this video, one being the full edit of the song as found on the album and one made with the radio edit of the song, a minute and a half shorter.

Muse on the video

Wolstenholme: "I think it was the first decent video that we did. We went to Prague. They kind of built this big set but the set was turned on its side, so the wall was on the floor".

Bellamy: "The idea was supposed to be that we were playing on the side of a wall. No-one got that bit - everyone always thinks that the camera was at 90 degrees. I think it's because we didn't have the crowd there, we had to do the crowd separately on bluescreen and morph them together. Compromises were made. But we ended up with something reasonably good, I think.
It was directed by David Slade. He always used to make us wear a lot of yellow make up. He'd plant us all yellow and say, 'Trust me' - then we'd look in the mirror and look ridiculous. When you filmed it, it made us look golden. Our skin doesn't look all that unusual on screen, but we were completely fluorescent yellow for all the videos we've ever made with David Slade".


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