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[[File:Danelectro 59-DC.jpg|thumb|right|Paris Zénith 2001 - 28th (gig)| Le Zénith gig, during "Unintended".]]
[[File:Danelectro 59-DC.jpg|thumb|right|Paris Zénith 2001 - 289th (gig)| Le Zénith gig, during "Unintended".]]
[[File:Img1716.gif | thumb | right | Danelectro 59-DC]]
[[File:Img1716.gif | thumb | right | Danelectro 59-DC]]
{{Guitarbox |
{{Guitarbox |

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Le Zénith gig, during "Unintended".
Danelectro 59-DC
Danelectro 59-DC
Manufacturer Danelectro
Used 1999-present
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body covering Black Burst
Wood Body: Hardboard top and bottom with plywood frame
Neck: Hard maple
Fingerboard: rosewood
Bridge Fixed
Pickup(s) 50’s style Alnico magnet
Special circuits

On the Hullabaloo DVD, Wolstenholme uses a Danelectro guitar to play the main guitar part in Unintended.

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