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Muse song
Name Backdoor
Album/single This Is a Muse Demo (1)
Length Unknown
Alternative titles -
First live performance Unknown
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded Wolstenholme's house, May 1995
Writer/composer Unknown
Producer Muse


The first song off of the first Muse demo tape. Recorded in Wolstenholme's house, 1995. There were samples released to accompany the bidding of the demo tape. There were samples for all the songs except for Backdoor. The last note of the song can be heard in the first sample of Sling. Below are some known lyrics for the song.[1]


Backdoor was written in 1995. It was performed at the Berkeley Centre performance in October 1995, as well as possibly into 1996. As Backdoor was included on This Is A Muse Demo, which was recorded in May 1995, it can be assumed that Backdoor was performed often for most of 1995. Based on this, we can assume that Backdoor was performed over ten times.

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Known lyrics

See you standing[2]

Wish you want me just a little bit Wish you love me just a little bit

'cause now I want all the time But I know that it's no crime But I don’t know why

Now I want it all the time But I know that it's no crime But I don’t know why

Now we're holding all the time Two can sing to no longer mind I hope that you will see me through Through the

Backdoor, Looking out for a jack-door, For all the things that we hoped for, Thrown it in a pool of fear Pool of fear


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