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Radio 1's Entertainment News: Muse and Girls Aloud

Interviewer: Welcome to another Radio 1 Entertainment News podcast. I'm Georgina Bowman and joining us this week:

Bellamy: Hi it's Matt from Muse how's it going, we've been hanging around in Wembley stadium as we've been hearing we're to announce our concert here next year which we're very excited about.

I: The Muse boys talk about their next gig and get the Wembley tour.

B: I would imagine there would be lots of naked men here, looking at each others bums, and I imagine it's a very hetrosexual place to be.


I: Ok, so Radio 1 broke the news that Muse will be one of the first acts to play the new Wembley Stadium when it finally opens next year. Tickets are going on sale for the June 16th gig this week. We met up with Dominic, Chris and Matt at the venue.

B: Thought it was time to do a nice little intimate show for the fans and er, we thought this would be a great chance to do that. Um, but of course, we're greatly excited to be one, to be one of the first bands to play here, to, it's an enormous place actually, it looks [?] quite well for the fans to get a good look at everything, er, I'm very nervous.

I: I mean, 90 thousand people, just to come and see you, that's pretty cool

Wolstenholme: I think that's like five times bigger than the biggest show we've done on our own so far, so yeah it's a big jump up. But yeah, we're used to those crowds at Glastonbury, but yeah it's a different ball game altogether when it's your own gig.

Howard: We love playing live, we always have done, and we always tour a lot, we always spend many many months and years on the road but um, it's a special thing, and it's something we've just enjoyed doing, and try to put every ounce of our souls into our performances, and like have always wanted to put on big shows and, make them look very grand, and try and get everyone at the back of the gig to get down the front of the gig somehow, you know really bring everyone into the show, it's just really important to us, I think this is, you know, this is the next step up for us.

I: The next step up, I mean we all know about your laser and your technology and your shows, I mean "awesome" is one of my mates just described you at your last gig, how are you going to better it here?

B: Er, I don't know really, it's a different kind of gig, 'cause you've got so many people up high, um, everyone, a lot of people are looking down on the stage, so I think that's uh, a different kind of set design is required, I think it'll be an open stage, you know, where in other words you won't have loads of stuff above your heads, I think it'll be more of an open thing, some kind of video screen on the stage, maybe we'll be standing on the video screen, that kind of thing, yB: I would imagine there would be lots of naked men here, looking at each others bums, and I imagine it's a very hetrosexual place to be. ou know. Um, and ur, maybe we'll do some, we were thinking about doing some kind of b-stage thing, either b-stage or, lika a, have you seen that Tessler thing, that big kind of electrical kind of hand, or something, maybe something like that, that kind of, hopefully will be banned, we'll probably not be able to use because of some kind of weird regulation or something. But you know, I'm sure we'll try to find the limits of what we'll be allowed to do here.

I: You sound very well informed there about kind of what you're doing, do you have a lot of say in what happens in your show, kind of all the, you know the laser and technology side of it?

B: Oh yeah definitely yeah, there's always ideas we're coming up with that always get shot down by health and safety you know, but you get used to that playing these larger gigs, but we've always been quite involved with the design of our sets, and all the lighting, all the videos, that kind of stuff yeah.

I: And er, not nervous at all, you know Take That, Robbie Williams, Bon Jovie, The Rolling Stones had to cancel their gigs here last year.

W: I don't know it's looking pretty finished though, isn't it I mean we came in last week and it er, it's looking, I think all they have to do is stick the numbers on the seats so, I think that's all there is left to do, I don't really see there's a problem with it.

H: Yeah, hopefully

B: I think apparently all they have to do is flush all the toilets at the same time, and apparently, hopefully they'll all work, and I think that's all it depends on, because that's a big issue, I know that sounds strange but it's a big issue. I know it sounds strange, but it's a big issue apparently, toilet flushing and water pressure requirements, you know, I think, I think that's where they're at now.

H: That could be catastrophic though couldn't it, if they flush them all at the same time and something goes wrong, so lets hope it'll go right.

I: When did you find out that you would be, be performing here?

H: Ur, well just recently in the last, couple of weeks I think we've been thinking about it, you know, 'cause we definitely wanted to do our own gig, our own big gig in the Summer time next year, and you know we heard this might be finished, so we thought, you know lets go for it, lets you know, gamble in the fact that it will be finished and, and do it, and obviously it's such a historic place that it seemed like the right move. But erm, I think there's going be some other bands doing it, but it definitely feels good being one of the first few.

I: Has it been quite hard to keep it quiet you know, telling your friends and family "look, hey I'm going to be playing Wembley"?

H: I've let it slip, I've had to tell my mum you know, and she was over the moon so, you know, it slipped out.

B: What, what, so it's confirmed then is it?

H: ...

B: 'Cause obviously, it was only really, sort of really last night that I kind of knew for sure that we're doing this, I thought it was still up in the air, but obviously yeah, it's official now, so ...

I: Yeah, but you're going to be doing it, so get used to it. You're the football fan is that right?

W: Yeah yeah yeah.

I: Rotheram?

W: Rotheram yeah, I was never going to get here to see Rotheram play so, you know playing's probably, it's better, it's not the next best thing it's the better thing.


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