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Moriaty; Jordan West (left) and Matthew Partridge (right)
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Moriaty in 2015; Wolstenholme, West and Partridge

Moriaty is a 2-piece band based in Teighnmouth, Devon. Formed in 2011, they describe themselves as a "filthy dirty blues band". Band includes Jordan West on guitar and vocals amd Matthew Partridge on drums as main members and Chris Wolstenholme as an unofficial new third member. So far, they've released one album in 2014, called The Devil’s Child, on which they've worked with John Cornfield.

In May, 2014, Chris Tweeted about the band (see the tweet here), saying that they are a brilliant 2-piece band from teighnmouth.

Their single Bones, which also featured Chris on bass, came out Jan 26th, 2015. You can check out the music video, which also features Wolstenholme, here

For more info, you can also visit their website at

Live with Muse

So far, Moriaty have supported Muse on their Psycho UK Tour gig in Exeter. Chris also played bass guitar with them on the night.