Box In Ring (Bootleg)

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DVD Cover Art
Muse release
Name Box In Ring
Tracks 28
Total length ~3 hours
Recorded Various
Writer/composer -
Producer Boot X Press Production
Publisher Boot X Press Production
Format(s) DVD
Release date 2005
Chart position Unknown
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Box In Ring


Unofficial Bootleg DVD often seen sold on eBay France or in small DVD stores. This DVD was made by a company called Boot X Press Production in 2005. This DVD was pressed and printed professionally like a real DVD. The production company used the same source for each rip: a German TV Channel. It contains three concerts:

The authors of the DVD mispelt several song names on both the DVD and the cover, such as "Sowbiz", "Sing Of Absolution", "Neverborn and "Stockholm".

A rip of the DVD was first shared on the Muse Hub by Kynch, the DVD was then uploaded on DimeADozen.[1]


Alternative cover, by BootlegCoverArt