Tokyo Zepp 2013 (gig)

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The setlist.
Matthew performing "Panic Station"
Tom and Chris
Muse show
Venue Zepp Tokyo[source?]
Date 13th August 2013[source?]
Location Tokyo[source?]
Country Japan
Songs 16[source?]
Start 19.00 (UTC+9)[source?]
Capacity Unknown
Sold out? Unknown


A special show organised in the small venue Zepp.

Futurism was played for the first time since 2000 and for the second time ever. Fury was also played for the first time since 2008. Hyper Music and Can't Take My Eyes Off You were given their tour debut. For the second encore, the band dressed in their Panic Station video costumes and were surrounded by dancers also in costumes.

At the end of the main set, Matt gave his Manson Matt Black (batch) to a guy from the audience. tweet

Tom Kirk stated via twitter that the gig was recorded and will be made into a film with assistance from videographer Tim Qualtrough.

The performance of Futurism was released as the 2014 Christmas present.


Before Micro Cuts Bellamy "Thank you Tokyo! We're playing some more from this tonight. Weird oldies. Last time we played here we opened with this song."
Before Futurism "Arigato! This next song was a bonus...track. Japanese bonus track on our second album Origin of Symmetry. We've never played it here before, never played it for ten years so.. here we go!"
Before Fury "This is another! Another Japanese bonus track! Uh which album, Absolution!"
Before New Born "Yes! How you guys feelin'?"
Before Time Is Running Out Howard "Thanks for coming down! I know it's short notice and everything but we wanted to play for you guys and uh, remind ourselves of 10 years ago last time we played here, or 11 years ago whenever it was. So yeah cheers, thanks a lot."
Before Supermassive Black Hole Bellamy "Yes Tokyo! Say hello to our wonderful crew!"
Before Can't Take My Eyes Off You "This next song is for all you love birds out there. Okay!"
Before Starlight "Thank you Tokyo! We love you guys so much thank you for coming to see us! Been a lot of fun! And trust me after this gig we're going to have even more fun! Let's do it! Whoo hah!"
After Starlight "You guys have been awesome! And now Dominic Anderson is going to stage dive! Where is he? Where's Dominic Anderson? Go! Wahhey!!