Status Original Series II

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Chris Wolstenholme playing his early 80's Status Original Series II
Walnut Status Original Series II
Manufacturer Status Graphite
Used 2009-09-04
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body covering Gloss lacquer on neck, natural satin lacquer on body
Wood Mahogany wings with walnut center which creates a 'tone block'
Bridge Headless mono-rail bridge / tuners
Electronics Master volume, pickup blend control
Pickup(s) 2 Status soap-bar pickups
Special circuits Three-band E.Q. with variable midrange frequency

Chris uses a headless walnut Status Original Series II. This Bass is custom made by the English guitar company Status Graphite. This bass differs from the recent models of the Status S2-Classic because it is from the early 80's.

Songs used for (walnut)

Chris Wolstenholme Playing his red Status Original Series II
Chris Wolstenholme playing on the Psycho Tour

Red Status Original Series II
Manufacturer Status Graphite
Used 2013-02-18
Body type
Neck joint
Body covering
Special circuits

With the War Child gig a new bass was seen. It's a red Status Original Series II, but has embedded LED's. So it seems, that this is a custom made bass, with vintage elements.

Songs used for (red)

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