Little Nicky – Music from the Motion Picture (compilation)

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Cover art
Name Little Nicky
Tracks 12
Total length 48:52
Recorded Unknown
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy et al.
Producer John Leckie
Art work Unknown
Publisher Eastworld
Format(s) CD
Catalogue № 9362478562
Release date 1st October 1999
Chart position Unknown
compilation chronology
Music with Attitude Volume 7
Little Nicky
All Areas Vol. 3


The soundtrack to the film "Little Nicky".

Track list

  1. POD – School of Hard Knocks
  2. Incubus – Pardon Me
  3. Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies)
  4. Cypress Hill – (Rock) Superstar
  5. Insolence – Natural High
  6. Linkin Park – Points of Authority
  7. Disturbed – Stupify (Fu's Forbidden Little Nicky Remix)
  8. Unloco – Nothing
  9. Powerman Five Thousand – When Worlds Collide
  10. Muse – Cave
  11. Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (acoustic)

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