April Fools 2010 Prank

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On 1st April, 2010, a news update was posted to the Official Muse forum linking to a microsite detailing a new CD single limited, to 5000 copies, entitled "Exogenesis Part 4: Salvation". The prank was entirely organised

The official prank link on muse board http://board.muse.mu/salvation/

A free download of the single was available from the website, complete with newly designed cover art.

Track Listing

  1. Symphony Part Part 4: Salvation
  2. Feeling Good (Live from Sheffield)
  3. Guiding Light (Rich Costey Edit)

In actuality, Exogenesis Part 4 was some modern classical music with a bad cover of Radiohead's "Creep" overlayed, in reference to the clichéd comparison between the two bands. Feeling Good was a poor live version of MK ULTRA (which gets off to a false start and in which Dom's click track could be heard), and the 'remix' of Guiding Light was a version that had been sped up and and otherwise altered by board administrator Kev and moderator Olly.

To support the 'single', Olly made a fake CD single and fake promo single, whilst moderator Niall made a fake studio master CD apparently featuring various takes of the song.

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