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Alexander Zane 'Zipper' Reid Lowe

February 2008

June 2006

Matt and Dom were interviewed by Zane Lowe on 20th of June in a very long interview. This one can be downloaded here.

April 2006

Zane Lowe inverviewed Wolstenholme on the phone to try and dig up some information about the new album. Wolstenholme revealed while the "album is being mastered" there will probably be 11 tracks. He also explained that they didn't want to start booking gigs until they were happy that they had completed the album to their level of satisfaction, as opposed to "leaving songs off the album because they aren't finished". There were three possible names for the album, none of which were revealed. Wolstenholme also stated their first UK gigs would actually be headlining Reading 2006 (Saturday) and Leeds 2006 (Sunday), and that he likes the Arctic Monkeys.

June 2003

Zane Lowe had exclusive rights to first play Stockholm Syndrome on BBC Radio 1, promoting it for its "download only" release on July 14th, 2003. At this point, it was unsure with Stockholm Syndrome would feature on the album. Since the song was a lengthy (for radio) at 4m 58 seconds, it was played slightly faster (up one semitone). This version can be downloaded here.

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