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Muse in 2004, inspecting Weezer's Video Capture Device DVD and the Deluxe edition of the Blue album

Matthew Bellamy likes Weezer. He has proclaimed that he loves anything that Weezer does. He didn't like Weezer's 2001 self titled album (aka The Green Album) at first, but it grew on him.[1] He likes it in part due to it being short and simple. Dominic Howard said Weezer is one of his favourite bands.

Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme went to a Weezer gig in April 2002.[2] The whole band attended Blue Album night of Weezer's Memories Tour in Los Angeles at the GIbson Amphitheater (11/26/10),[source?] and Howard was spotted backstage at Pinkerton night of Weezer's Memories Tour in Los Angeles (11/27/10).[source?]


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