Weeze Flughafen Niederrhein 2000 (gig)

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Bellamy and Wolstenholme
Muse backstage
Letter written by Muse
Low-resolution setlist picture
Muse show
Venue Flughafen Niederrhein[1] (en: Weeze Airport) (Bizarre Festival[2])
Date 18th August 2000[2]
Location Weeze, NW[source?]
Country Germany
Songs 9[source?]
Support Coldplay[3]
Supported Ween[3]
Start 15:50[3]
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

Marked the debut of Bliss. According to Bellamy, the intro of Bliss, played on the keyboard, sounded like the sound from an old Game Boy game.[source?] Bliss was known on the setlist as "New New 1". Unintended was on the setlist but was not played. There were guitar problems in the middle of Fillip, which Bellamy quickly avoided by making abnormal noises into the microphone. Plug In Baby featured a much faster intro. Bellamy finished off the performance by throwing the microphone and jumping into the drum set.


After Yes Please "Thank you."
After Sunburn "Thank you."
Before Muscle Museum "Der nächste Song ist Muscle Museum (The next song is Muscle Museum)."
After Muscle Museum "Cheers."
During into of Bliss [laughs] "Dunno what I'm looking for."
After Bliss "Ha ha ha. Yeah, we've never played that ever before."
Before New Born "This is another new one. A bit more keyboard"
After New Born "Cheers."
After Cave "Cheers."
After Fillip "Cheers."
Before Plug In Baby "This is another new song. This song is called Plug In Baby."
After Plug In Baby "Thanks."
Before Agitated "Thank you very much. We're called Muse, this is our last song, this is called Agitated."


The whole performance was broadcast by Westdeutscher Rundfunk. This gig is available here in mpg format, with the exception of New Born.


  1. Yes Please (watch)
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla Bass)
  2. Pre-Sunburn Riff + Sunburn (guitar) (watch)
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla Bass)
  3. Muscle Museum (watch)
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Green Pedulla Bass)
  4. Bliss (keyboard) (watch)
    (Roland Juno 60, Green Pedulla Bass)
  5. New Born (watch)
    (Roland Juno 60, Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Tobacoo Sunburst Pedulla Bass)
  6. Cave (watch)
    (SG/Les Paul with Deluxe Lyre Vibrola, Green Pedulla Bass)
  7. Fillip (watch)
    (SG/Les Paul with Deluxe Lyre Vibrola, Green Pedulla Bass)
  8. Blues Jam + Plug In Baby (watch)
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Green Pedulla Bass)
  9. Agitated (watch)
    (Gibson Les Paul DC Lite, Tobacco Sunburst Pedulla Bass)


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