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Hi, may I ask for the video on youtube which would proove that Kaoss Manson was used for Uprising? If you can't find a video, then just tell me the date and/or the place of the concert.--IIIAliAsIII

Hey it was at Not So Silent Night 2009. December 11. I thought it could have been Black Midi but wasn't sure. A guy named VIL388 has the whole concert.--MuseIsAwesome13 15:43, 17 February 2010 (GMT)

On video you can clearly see that it was Mirror Manson --->

The guitar is not black but is a mirror finish, but on camera/video it could sometimes look like black. And the next very recognizable thing is a Kaoss touch pad, that Kaoss Manson has one and Mirror doesn't. I will edit the guitars at Oakland Oracle Arena 2009 (gig) for you, because you didn't put the right guitars to some other songs also as I see.

And for the info... the example: There are a little VISUAL differences between Black Midi Manson and Kaoss Manson. Kaoss has two pickups on the bridge position and three tone/volume knobs, while Black Midi has only one pickup on the bridge position and two volume/tone knobs - by remebering this things (and knowing wich one is usualy used for a certain song) you can recognize wich guitar is Matt using.

If those 'pickup things' doesn't make any sence to you (or if you aren't even a guitarist), than I recomend that you don't edit such things here in the future. Because all the editing you did about the 'guitar used for each song' was wrong. Please don't take it personal becouse I don't want to be rude or offensive to you. I guess that you were on that concert and I can understand what it means to you. I'm just trying to prevent the desinformation.--IIIAliAsIII 17:33, 17 February 2010 (GMT)