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Use this page to talk to me, might want to put a signature each time you edit this page so i know who's who. I delete stuff thats been dealt with so my page doesnt look like a mess :D

MuseWiki in another language

Loads of requests on this. However I would like to see at least 20 people keen to contribute to consider a translation job. So feel free to rock your signatures for the language you would like to be involved in. Map of erased citizens: I could do a finnish translation


Hi, was wondering if you was going to now create pages on all of matt's wardrobe, sparkly sequined outfits etc! Oh and how do you show up all the pages you created from an iPhone? i saw that done 'recently' ;) Darkshined - 10:06, 03 October 2012 (BST)

Nah I just did Matts jacket because I wanted to generate a hash tag haha. If there's an interest in Matt's wardrobe then we can go for it. --crazybobbles (talk) 10:33, 3 October 2012 (BST)

Hi, can you delete the page Diezel please, I have replaced it with Diezel VH4 as that was the only model of Diezel Amp that Matt has used, I have fixed all the links to go to Diezel VH4 now, thanks User:RustRelic :-)

on the startpage there's a Muse released 5 studio albums -- blabla.. hey dude.. haven't you heared (of) the 2nd law? isn't this LP #6?