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Hello! I go by the terribly unimaginative handle Mnero as my name is Maria Nero. You may know me on Instagram as Muse Historical Society Feel free to follow me!!!

or on Twitter as Muse Historical Society Follow me there too!!

If you're still into Facebook, I'm at Muse Historical Society

I also have a snazzy YouTube Channel featuring, of course, Muse Videos!

AND DID I MENTION MATT BELLAMY WISHED ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY?? Still can't get over it. What a sweetheart.

AND I just managed to get hold of Matt's 2007 Stadium Tour AAA Pass! Yay!

Muse's producer from the 1st EPs and early albums agreed to answer a few questions for me! He was so nice. You can read the interview HERE

I am currently working on a replacement web site for the now defunct that lists Muse collectibles, CDs, how to spot a fake autograph, what's out there to trade, etc. If anyone is interested in helping me let me know!

Either way, Muse is my passion and Muse History is my specialty. I'm always on the web and social media looking for Muse related info. I'm very responsive to questions and many look to me for answers to Muse related questions and also provide me with inside information to add to the Musewiki.

Muse is life.

I've only just begun....

Current Projects

Muse Interview Portal
Starlight (live) page
Time Is Running Out (live) page
Hysteria (live) page
Interlude (live) page
Feeling Good (live) page
Map of the Problematique (live) page
Supermassive Black hole (live) page
New Born (live) page
Stockholm Syndrome (live) page
Pretty much anything I can add to the ULD
Updates to older gigs as I discover them!
Old gig images, updates and setlists
Any info I happen to come across
I am currently on the hunt for old gig tickets, setlists, itineraries, etc

Muse Live

Times I've seen Muse live and in the flesh, and each time was magic!

Feb 1, 2016 at Verizon Center, Washington DC
Aug 1, 2017 at KeyBank Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
Apr 2, 2019 at Capital One Arena, Washington DC - Met with Kara Paulus the Production Coordinator (and the PowerGlove on Instagram) and OMG I WAS RIGHT UP FRONT AND HAD MY OWN PERSONAL MATT SHOW - See my YouTube Channel for the videos. Did the Enhanced Experience too - those games were awesome.
Apr 7, 2019 at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia PA - Had a lovely conversation with Caris Wolstenholme. She is so cute and tiny. Talked with Marc Carolan too; and he saved me a setlist. Such a sweetheart!

Muse Discography

I am always on the look out to add to my Muse Collection. I have several items that are the most near and dear to me and I love bragging about them!

Muse EP - Finally added this beauty to my collection! I have a numbered copy.

Muscle Museum EP - I have both a numbered version (only 999 issued) hand numbered by Matt and an unnumbered version that was given out to radio stations and journalists (number issued unknown).

Showbiz CD - Aside from the regular issue CD - AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND! I also have the UK Promo version CD in the plastic case (although I'm missing the spanner) - AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND! And I have the US Promo version CD.

Origin of Symmetry CD - I have 2 of these, one is the US Version and one is from Australia that has the old MuseTV function. UPDATE - I now possess an AUTOGRAPHED CD!!!

Hullabaloo CD - Just one of these AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND!

Absolution CD - Just one of these --- UPDATE! I now have an AUTOGRAPHED CD!!!

BHaR CD and Vinyl - My CD is AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND! and my Vinyl Album insert is AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND!

The Resistance CD and Vinyl - Just a CD and Vinyl album. UPDATE! I now have an AUTOGRAPHED CD !!!! <br?

The 2nd Law CD and UK Box Set - The box set is amazing

Drones CD + DVD I have 2 of the CD+DVD and one CD only version

Live at Rome Olympic Stadium CD + Blu-ray - I also have a copy of the promo sheet from Warner Brothers that was sent to record stores

H.A.A.R.P. CD + DVD - Just one of these

I also have a myriad of singles and single promos too many to mention so I'll just mention my favorite!

Muscle Museum CD and Vinyl Yes I have one of the original release Vinyl versions AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND! although not one of the ones where Matt wrote Dom's phone number down

Psycho/Dead Inside single - Case and CD AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND!!

Other Muse Collectibles

Aside from the music, I also collect other items such as gig posters, old magazines, articles, crew t-shirts, VIP and backstage passes, etc. Here are my favorites:

2001 Japan Tour Itinerary

2001 Plug in Baby Uk/Europe Tour Itinerary

1995 flyer for Exeter Cavern College Christmas Party (yes the REAL ONE!!!)

Drones World tour US Tour Itinerary

Resistance Poster - AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND!

Setlist from Nov 27, 2004 gig at The Pageant Nightclub in St. Louis, MO - AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND! - Shown on Pageant Nightclub Gig 2004 page

Local Crew T-Shirts from 2007 Australian Tour, 2016 Drones Tour, 2013 2nd Law Tour

Backstage pass and autographed poster from the Staples Center, Los Angeles, Dec 18th 2015 gig

8 x 10 photo of Matt - AUTOGRAPHED

8 x 10 of band BHaR Photo Shoot - AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND!

Several signed tickets - my favorite is one from the 2001 Doncaster Dome gig.