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Hello! I am QuietProtag (also known as luigiman09, or by my real name, Félix). I live in Canada, and English is actually my second language.

I have a Twitter bot called Muse Lyrics & Facts, where multiple facts from this wiki and lyrics from the band Muse are tweeted.

I make contributions here from time to time. I am also one of the mods in r/Muse on reddit.

Gigs that I went

Date Venue Location Rarity/Highlight
2017-07-16 Festival d'été de Québec Québec City, QC, Canada Stockholm Syndrome
2016-01-21 Centre Bell Montréal, QC, Canada Citizen Erased

Songs I saw live

Songs in bold indicates my favorite songs.

Song 2016-01-21 2017-07-16
[Drill Sergeant] No Yes
[JFK] Yes No
Citizen Erased Yes No
Dead Inside Yes Yes
Dig Down N/A Yes
Drones Yes (2x) No
Hysteria Yes Yes
Interlude Yes Yes
Isolated System Yes Yes
Knights of Cydonia Yes Yes
Madness Yes Yes
Map of the Problematique Yes No
Mercy Yes Yes
Munich Jam Yes No
New Kind of Kick N/A Yes
Prelude Yes No
Plug in Baby No Yes
Psycho Yes Yes
Resistance Yes Yes
Revolt Yes No
Starlight Yes Yes
Stockholm Syndrome No Yes
Supermassive Black Hole Yes Yes
The Globalist Yes No
The Handler Yes No
Time is Running Out Yes Yes
United States of Eurasia Yes No
Uprising Yes Yes

That's pretty much it about me!

My contributions