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Who am I?

Some random introduction

Hello, thank you for taking interest on the wiki and on my page haha. Not much to say about me, I'm very keen on developing websites, musewiki was a a concept that I just randomly came up with when using well known wikis (Wikipedia and some other site called Though it doesn't take a genius to install mediawiki, it does take quite a lot of dedication and enthusiasm to make a wiki for an entire band, at first I thought it would actually flop, but I guess the main thing that kept it up is the fact that other people were very keen on maintaining the site. So I would like to thank those who have helped out in making the wiki as up to date as possible.

Uhm, what else... that will do for now


Programming Languages

PHP, JavaScript, xHTML, CSS, MySql, bit of C++ and some dirty visual basic.

Programmes used for musewiki

Mainly filezilla for all your ftp needs, notepad++ for php editing and GIMP for all your image needs.


I play various instruments. Check out my gear


When I'm not coding away or making music I'm taking photos, check out my flickr account for my latest work. I took a few shots of Muse at Wembley so enjoy them too.

Muse stuff

seen them quite a few times, might add a list (probably not, its quite sad doing that haha). went to a couple of aftershow parties and do a pretty good job in sneaking people into them.

Musewiki notes

Im usually lounging about on the recent changes page. Probably the most useful page out there, perfect for catching people misbehaving or fixing stuff (that usually motivates me from wikiing). When I'm not browsing on the recent changes page I'm reading the latest talk pages, mainly for suggestions on how to better improve the site (eg cite.php and using a time line system). So yeah.

I occasionally add some comedy into the wiki so I'd appreciate you'd leave it there :P, don't really like to be an anal resource site (just check the change logs for the muse article at wikipedia (whoa!)), there needs to be the subtle wit and comedy along with it all to make wikiing slightly bareable haha.

To do list

Look at me, I have a to do list for Musewiki related stuff. Will write a proper one after May.


If you want to contact me, use my talk page via my talk page or via email