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Muse song
Name tourette's
Album/single -
Length 1:35
Alternative titles The Eagle Has Landed
First live performance February 1994
Latest live performance March 1994[1][uncertain]
Recorded -
Writer/composer Kurt Cobain
Producer -

<flashmp3></flashmp3> Original recording by Nirvana


A song originally by grunge band Nirvana, from their album In Utero. Muse played "Tourette's" during their first two concerts, a Battle of the Bands competition in February 1994 and a roller disco a month later[1][uncertain].

The song consists of a repetitive guitar riff with incoherent lyrics.


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Moderate Rock

May day, every day, my day

Could've had a heart attack, my heart

We don't know anything, my heart

We all want something fair, my heart


Out of town, out of sight, is my heart

Queen of lies, today, my heart

One more on the phone, my heart

One more at the door of my heart


Mean heart

Cold heart(7x)



The rest are unclear, although the In Utero inner sleeve identified the lyrics as:

Cufk, Tish, Sips


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