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| Name = Tomorrow's World
| Name = Tomorrow's World
| Album = -
| Album = [[Cryosleep (Matthew Bellamy EP)|Cryosleep]]
| Length = 2:59
| Length = 2:59
| AltTitles = -
| AltTitles = -

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Official artwork
Matthew Bellamy Song
Name Tomorrow's World
Album/single Cryosleep
Length 2:59
Alternative titles -
First live performance -
Latest live performance -
Recorded 2020
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Aleks Von Korff, Matthew Bellamy


The third song composed by Bellamy after The International End Title in 2008 and Pray in 2019. This is, so far, the only song Matt's written for no specific projects.


Tomorrow's World is a new song that Matt Bellamy composed during the COVID-19 lockdown. The first description of the song, as said by Bellamy, was "just piano and singing", accompanied with the BBC orchestra.

On 4th May, Matt shared a 38 seconds instrumental preview to his Instagram account, you can listen to it here. In the preview both piano and strings can be heard.

On 6th May he confirmed via Instagram that the title is Tomorrow's World, and that it was going to be released the 8th May on his solo channels of Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and YouTube. [1] The song leaked a day earlier.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Bellamy said "For me, just writing a song on the piano and doing my film mixing, which I love, I love film music, as you know, and just trying to think of a kind of lyrical or a feeling that kind of captures what I'm feeling during this time, which is kind of reconnecting with the simplest things in life and trying to find a kind of optimism and hope for what the future could be". [2]

Bellamy wrote on a later Instagram post, posted on May 13th, that the title for the song comes from an old 1980s BBC TV science documentary show of the same name, that talks about new developments in science and technology, which Matt watched as a child.[3]

In a Rolling Stone interview, Bellamy also revealed the song and its meaning was partially influenced by Ricky Gervais's TV show, Afterlife, which he binge-watched before writing the song; "There's one line in the second season that really stuck out to me. It was about when you're in love, nothing else really does matter. That's a kind of cheesy thing to say, but it's true".[4]


At a short length of just below 3 minutes Tomorrow's World is as expected, a piano ballad featuring just Bellamy's vocals, piano and an orchestra. The lyrics of the song seems to be from a point of view of a third person giving advice to an another in a relationship. Like The Void, some fans describe it as a sequel to Exogenesis Symphony because of the lyrics, melody and album art of the song having vague connections to the Exogenesis pieces.

Additional Information

Audio engineering for the song was done by Aleks Von Korff, who previously worked on Simulation Theory as an assistant engineer.

The artwork for the single was created by Brazilian artist Leo Senas. It was originally tilted "Toxic Nature", and realized on his Instagram profile in March. Presumably Matt bought the rights around or after its making.


Your eyes see clearer Your hands can heal her Your lips taste her beauty

Don't you waste it Don't you waste it

Your body is stronger Your mind is a wonder Your heart is so full of love

Don't you waste it Don't you waste it

Look to tomorrow The end of our sorrows Our world could be so full of joy

Don't you waste it Don't you waste it