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The Streets is the performing name of the British rapper Mike Skinner. The Streets has played with Muse on numerous occasions of late including Reading Festival 2006, Big Day Out 2007 and most notably, supporting Muse on the first night at Wembley Stadium. In 2008, he collaborated with Muse to produce the song " Who Knows Who".

He has released three albums, with a fourth due in 2008. Morgan Nicholls was a live-only member of his backing band, playing the bass at shows, until he left Skinner to play with Muse in 2006.

Howard in NME - "We've done many, many gigs with The Streets over the years and we spent a lot of time with those guys this year at Big Day Out in Australia. I was watching from the side stage at Reading last year and I just thought it was amazing. It's such a fun ride when they play live, what with all the crowd interaction and everything that's going on."

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