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...that Muse had written around 50 songs before Showbiz was released?

...that Dom loves brie?

...that Bellamy can say the alphabet backwards?

...that Chris is married? (sorry, ladies)

...that Dom's first job was packing Spice Girl t-shirts?

...that Matthew Bellamy originally wanted to be a concert pianist, but changed his mind after attending a Rage Against the Machine concert?

...that Matt has injured Dom on several occasions?

...that Bellamy's father was a member of The Tornadoes, the first British band ever to have a number one single in the United States?

...the only album track that has never been played live is Falling Away With You?

...Muscle Museum was named as such because Muse members looked in a dictionary for the word 'muse', and 'muscle' was immediately before and 'museum' immediately after?

...you should VOTE FOR PEDRO?

...that Bellamy's e-mail address is qua@aol.com?

...that Dom is going bald?

...that Muse had written around 50 songs before Showbiz was released?

...that Thoughts of a Dying Atheist was the working title for Megalomania?

...that Matthew Bellamy has a phobia of spiders and millipedes?

...that Dom used animal bones as percussion on Screenager?

...that Muse have released 5 studio albums, 4 live releases, 6 EPs and 24 singles to date?

...that Dom enjoys fishing?

...that Bellamy's feet smell?

...yum yum, I love carrots!

...that here on MuseWiki, we love to brag!

...that Muse was the first band to play a gig in outer space?

...that MuseWiki is about to be consumed by the hydra-headed corporate machine?

...that MuseWiki very much in no way encourages the use of magic mushrooms... although we do have a very interesting article on it!

...that MuseWiki has a useless list of random so-called "facts"?

...that Plug In Baby is a song about what it would be like if puppies could be genetically engineered to never grow old? probably not.

...that Matt has a jetpack(well, sort of)!?

...that Matt plays with himself?

...that the Muse board is a scary place?

...that Didz Hammond from The Cooper Temple Clause gave Wolstenholme a tackle during a football match and injured his arm?

...that Matt has a dark side?

...that the longest set list ever played by Muse lasted for around two hours and was composed by 23 songs?

...that Megalomania was played in an organ (the second largest pipe organ in the British Isles) for the first time in six years, in 2008?

...that Morgan Nicholls plays a cabasa?

...that we have a very interesting article about the fifth album?


...that Muse loves to gamble?

...that MuseWiki has a Myspace account!?!?

...that MuseWiki is the 40th best unofficial music fansite?

...that MuseWiki is fucking pwoper

...that the clapping on "Starlight" spells out "TITS" in Morse code

...that Matt has recently been trying to contact ghosts?

...that MuseWiki are proud to be part of The Resistance! Viva la Revolución!

...that you can buy your very own Matt Bellamy guitar for the cheap cheap price of only £3299????

...that there are easter eggs lying around MuseWiki?

...that the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 2?

...that the oldest active Muse fansite is Microcuts.net?

...that before the team-up, MuseWiki was the source for the official website's gig archive?

...that The Buke of Dom's Cockminster Is Sacked?