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Matthew Bellamy playing the 007
Chris Wolstenholme outside Teignbridge council offices, August 17th
Warning on a local road
The queue early in the afternoon
Muse show
Venue The Den[1][2][3][4]
Date 5th September 2009[1][2][3][4]
Location Teignmouth[1][2][3][4]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 17[source?]
Support Zane Lowe, Hey Molly, The Sea[5]
Start (UTC+1) Unknown, 18:00[3][4][6] (doors)
Capacity 10,000[source?]
Price (GBP) 37.50[1]
Sold out? Yes[7][8]

General sale sale started on the 21st[1] at 09:00[3][4]. Tickets are limited to four per person, for both nights.[3] BBC Radio 1 will broadcast a partial recording of the Seaside Rendezvous concerts[5] and part of this night will be broadcast through the BBC's red button service.[9][10]


First rumoured in mid-July,[11] the South Devon newspaper Herald Express lent credence to the possibility of two early-September Teignmouth gigs on the 4th of August.[2] Permission was still being sought at that time,[2] though anecdotes from locals suggested that the concerts were thought likely to go ahead.[12][13] Support was gauged by the council through sending letters regarding the concerts to locals, culminating with a meeting inside Teignbridge council offices at 10:00am on the 17th.[14][15][16][17] Christopher Wolstenholme appealed for followers of musewire to turn up to the offices in support of the gigs[14][15][16] and the council allowed the concerts to go ahead, under the condition that the sound level does not exceed 84.1 decibels.[18]


The concerts were announced on the Muse website the following day, collectively dubbed "A Seaside Rendezvous". Ticket price is the same as that of the rest of The Resistance tour, namely £37.50 without booking fee, through the Muse website, Ticketmaster, Gigs and Tours[1]/Seetickets[3][4] and an unspecified Teignmouth booking office. A limited number of tickets will be sold with coach transport through Gigs and Tours, from the following cities: Birmingham, Bristol, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford and Southampton.[1]

It was speculated that these twin gigs are what DJ Zane Lowe meant by his "surprise" in store for Muse fans.[19] This seems to have been the case, as he announced on his Tuesday 18th August programme that he would be supporting Muse as a DJ and that a partial recording of the concerts—along with "Muse at 10" (a pun on "News at 10")—would be broadcast on his Monday 7th of September programme. "Muse at 10" will be a documentary celebrating the 10 years of Muse since debut album Showbiz was first released, on the 7th of September 1999 in France.[5]

Ticket sale

The first Muse pre-sale was from 09:00 on the 19th of August. This pre-sale was enforced by unique codes given to each member of the official Muse website. Only one order could be made and tickets were limited to four per order. This system prevented the vendors' websites from buckling and people were able to buy tickets for a long period after the pre-sale started. A second Muse pre-sale took place the following day, that time limited to members of the mailing list.[20] General sale caused Seetickets outage, which was still the case at 09:33,[21] but had ended by 09:37.[22]

Price table

Description Base price Transport Booking fee Transaction fee Total
Official price 37.50 - 37.50[1]
Ticketmaster - ? ? ?[7]
Seetickets with Bristol coach 22.95 0 4.80 65.25[22]
Seetickets with Birmingham coach 32.95 75.25[22]
Seetickets with London coach 33.95 76.25[22]
Seetickets with Southampton coach 28.95 71.25[22]
Seetickets with Nottingham coach 36.95 79.25[22]
Seetickets with Oxford coach 29.95 72.25[22]


Before Uprsing Ring Master "Roll up! Roll up! Welcome to Seaside Rendezvous! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, would you please welcome, from Teignmouth, Devon: Muse!"
After Uprising Bellamy "Cheers! It's great to be back."
After Map of the Problematique Howard "How're you guys doing, Teignmouth? It's nice to see you again the second night. You're looking good."
After Supermassive Black Hole "Cheers."
Bellamy [?]
After Hysteria "Cheers."
After Feeling Good "Thanks very much."
After Collateral Damage "Sorry, I've forgotten it".
Before Cave "Okay, we're going to play a very old number now. We played it last night, and we quite liked it actually. We hadn't played it for about 7 or 8 years until now. It was actually the first song ever released, the first song, the first EP we ever released, er, cheers to Dennis Smith if you're out there. This song is called."
After Cave "Thank you very much, cheers."
Before Popcorn Howard "How're you guys doing out there? I said it last night, but I'll say it again. Y'know, it really means a lot for us to be here playing for you tonight. It's been such a clean decade thinking about doing this gig. And here we are, finally."
Bellamy "It wasn't that clean!"
Howard "A dirty decade."
Bellamy "I'm sure I remember, I'm sure like, when I was young, when I, I'm sure there used to be a Roller Disco...At Broadmeadows. Anyone rememeber that? What happened to roller discos?"
Howard Let's bring it back.
Bellamy "Anyway... This next track we're about to play, I remember rollerskating to it at Broadmeadow!"
After Popcorn Howard "It's not all fun and games!"
After Starlight Bellamy "Thank's alot."
After Unnatural Selection Bellamy "Thank you!"
After Knights of Cydonia "Thank you very much! Thank you everybody for coming - Hope you had a good time."
Howard "Yes Teignmouth - you rock! You know how to rock down here. It's good to see you again. Take care, we'll see you around. Cheers."



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