Status Kitara Doubleneck Bass Mk2

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Status Kitara Doubleneck Bass Mk II

Doubleneck status blue.jpg

tatus Kitara Doubleneck Bass Mk II
Manufacturer Status Graphite/Misa
Used 20th May 2017
Body type Alder encased in one-piece graphite composite
Neck joint Unknown
Body covering Turquoise Sunburst Paint Scheme
Wood Alder
Bridge FHeadless mono-rail bridge / tuners
Electronics Master volume, pickup blend control (likely)
Pickup(s) 2 Status soap-bar pickups (likely)
Special circuits –Top half of the bass is a kitara, cut to fit the wood frame


Much like the original Status Kitara Doubleneck Bass, this Bass is incredibly unique in that the top half of the bass is a Misa Kitara, cut to fit the wood frame, and the bottom half is a Status S2-Classic headless. The bass is likely tuned to EADG standard.

During the Drones tour, the Kitara system had to be completely rebuilt due to the large amounts of failing as the Misa Kitara is not an instrument built for heavy turing. The screen was replaced with an iPad, which is controlling a synthesizer via midi and the plastic Kitara neck was replaced with a wooden neck, encapsulated by plastic a shell, with buttons laid over the wood.

This new Double-neck bears a similarity to the White LED Status Chris Wolstenholme Signature Bass (Turquoise Sunburst Paint), except the bottom neck doesn't feature LED lights.

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