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Starlight video
Muse video
Name Starlight
Album/single Starlight DVD (2), BX maxi Starlight CD (3), Starlight promo VHS (1), Black Holes and Revelations Tour Edition bonus DVD (2), MY Black Holes and Revelations videos promo VCD (2)
Length 3:59
Initial air date 5th August 2006
Filming Location Oil Tanker Ocean Chie, off the Los Angeles coast
Director Paul Minor
Watch YouTube Director's Cut


The Starlight video features the band playing on an oil tanker at sea. Towards the end of the video, night and day switch intermittently, and flares are fired above the tanker. The video was filmed on a cargo ship called Ocean Chie off of the cost of Los Angeles. The cargo ship embodied an "Indian" crew according to the official news. According to Bellamy, the band wanted to "create the idea of a band lost at sea because we see ourselves as being outside what's happening in the music scene".[1]

According to Bellamy, during the first two hours aboard the ship the band were seasick, which he has attributed partly to drinking alcholic drinks the previous night.[2]

The video of Starlight was premiered on Channel 4 on August 5th 2006 at 23.40 UTC+1. A low resolution recording in wmv format is available in's "Share Your Stuff" section.

Alternative Video

A Director's Cut for this video was also made containing new shots and different angles. Matt said in an interview on "Video Hits" back in 2006 that they were going to just shoot the video on blue screens in a studio, due to the fact that they couldn't get hold of a ship. However, a Japanese fan told Muse that they could borrow his dad's and hence the Starlight video was made.


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