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Song Programme/film Description
Algorithm London Kills (BBC 1 TV Series) Instrumental was used for a BBC promo spot for the series. Watch here
The Dark Side WWE 2K20 (Video Game) Used in the official soundtrack of the game
Pressure NFL Thursday Night Football: Vikings VS Rams 9/27/2018 Used as background music after commercial break
ESPN Played during Wild Card Game
NFL Monday Night Football Played in the background
Get Up and Fight NFL Monday Night Football 11/5/2018 Played in the background in a recap 'Titans VS Cowboys'
Dig Down A promo/trailer from the shows of The CW new Season 2017/2018 Watch the trailer here
6 Underground (Netflix film) Used throughout the movie. Also part of the OST.
The Void The Planets (2019 BBC 2 Documentary Series) Used as intro music. watch
Another Life (Netflix series) Used in Episode 10 of Season 1, "Help"
The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version) The Woman In The Window (trailer) A slightly remixed cinematic version was used in the official trailer for the movie. (watch)

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