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Rush is a Canadian band that was formed in 1968, released their first album in 1974, and (as of late 2006) are still recording new material. They are often categorized as "prog", but have worked in a wide variety of styles throughout their career, with varying degrees of success, and defy easy categorisation.

In a 2006 interview with The Courier-Mail, an Australian newspaper, Matt noted the following:

"There's always been a hint of prog in what we do," Bellamy admits bravely. "Hopefully we've measured it out with equal hints of other things, so we haven't managed to be completely associated with just prog. "When the band first started we were more instrumental than we are now. I suppose we did sound a little like ('70s progsters) Rush; Rush with a bit of grunge thrown in."

Muse are appealing to Rush fans for varying reasons, starting with the common "power trio" formats of the bands, virtuoso musicianship, expansive lyrical themes, a progressive attitude, and intelligent use of technology in their music, especialy live.

Rush Highlights for Muse fans

  • 2112 (1976)
  • Permanent Waves (1980)
  • Moving Pictures (1981)
  • Grace Under Pressure (1984)
  • Presto (1989)
  • Counterparts (1994)
  • Vapor Trails (2002)
  • Cygnus X-1 Book 1 & 2 (1977/1978)


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