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Rocket Baby Dolls was a concept[1][2] and name Muse used for their first gig, a battle of the bands in their local sports centre, Broadmeadow Sports Centre in Teignmouth.[1][2] The name was used for this gig only.[3]

At the time, the band were liaising with a group of girls who co-wrote their music.[2] These girls dressed the members up and applied makeup,[2] the resulting look of which Matthew Bellamy later described as similar to the Cure.[1][4]

Unlike the bands which Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Christopher Wolstenholme were members of before the Rocket Baby Dolls,[2] in this band the music performed consisted largely of original compositions.[2] Bellamy described it as "experimental" and "noise". Despite their inability to play music, they won the competition.[2]

According to Bellamy the origin came from "some dodgy... Japanese porn film".[4] The actual film in question is an independent American documentary of fetishes told through vague plot in a science fiction setting. [5] The film had airings on late night television around Europe[6], one of those likely being watched by Bellamy himself.


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