Reykjavík Laugardalshöll 2003 (gig)

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Matt at the gig
Schedule sheet
Dressing room
Muse show
Venue Laugardalshöll[1]
Date 10th December 2003[1]
Location Reykjavík[1]
Country Iceland
Songs 18
Support Mínus[1]
Start (UTC) 21:00[1], 19:00[1] (doors)
Capacity 5,500 (standing and sitting)
Price (ISK) 4,500; 6,500
Sold out? Unknown

Muse's first performance in Iceland. At the end of the schedule sheet, "End of tour ev...again...finally" was written.[1]


21:00–22:30 Muse on stage
20:00–20:30 Mínus on stage
19:00 Doors open
18:00–18:45 Mínus sound-check
16:30–17:30 Muse sound-check
12:30 Lunch


After Apocalypse Please Bellamy "Thank you Iceland. Woo".
After Hysteria "Thank you".
Before New Born Howard "It's good to be here".
After Sunburn Bellamy "Thanks".
After Muscle Museum "Cheers".
Howard "Thank you".
Before Blackout "Nice".
Bellamy "Thank you. Thanks very much for coming today. ... Thanks. We'll play another song now, the next song is called uh, it's called 'Blackout'".
Howard "With Chris on the keys".
Before Stockholm Syndrome "Thank you Reykjavík".
Bellamy "Thank you Reykjavík! We're called Muse, this is our last song. [?] This last song is called 'Stockholm Syndrome'".
Howard "It's been great to be here, cheers. See you next time".
After Stockholm Syndrome Bellamy "Cheers!"
Howard "Thank you! See you next time".


A low quality recording of a partial radio broadcast is available here[registration needed].

You can listen that partial radio broadcast here [1]



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